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Life and Work Module


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"Work hard, play hard" is the maxim for today's successful manager. This module takes an holistic look at executive life, offering strategies that will help maintain the career-meter needle at "success", while keeping the stressometer at "manageable"! This is essential information for anyone coping with the demands of modern life, whether it involves working from home or jetting around the globe.

ExpressExec is a unique 12 modular resource of current business practice. Each module contains 10 individual titles that combined cover all the key aspects of business practice globally today.

Written by leading experts in their field and commissioned specifically for ExpressExec the knowledge imparted provides an executive with the tools and skills to increase their contribution to an organisation. Each title gives you the key concepts behind the subject and the techniques to implement the ideas effectively, together with lessons from benchmark companies and ideas from the world's smartest thinkers.

The 10 books in the ExpressExec Life and Work module are:

1. Life and Work Express

2. Working Globally

3. Career Management

4. Travel

5. Flexible and Virtual Working

6. Lifelong Learning

7. Body Care

8. Free Agency

9. Time Management

10. Stress Management

ExpressExec is a perfect learning solution for people who need to master the latest business thinking and practice quickly.