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Lifespan Development: A Topical Approach, Australasian Edition

Lifespan Development: A Topical Approach, Australasian Edition

Michele Hoffnung, Robert J. Hoffnung, Kelvin L. Seifert, Rosanne Burton Smith, Alison Hine, Lynn Ward, Cat Pause, Karen Swabey

ISBN: 978-0-730-30184-4

Sep 2012

553 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Lifespan Development: A Topical Approach, 1st Australasian Edition explores human physical, cognitive and social development within an Australian and New Zealand context. Based on the successful Chronological version of the text which is now in its 2nd edition, the Topical version’s comprehensive theory coverage includes the latest local and international research in this ever evolving field. This content is perfectly complemented by numerous mental and physical health applications within local psychological and allied health and educational settings.

A key strength of the text and its extensive accompanying online resources is its integrated coverage of cross-cultural and indigenous issues unique to the multicultural societies of Australia and New Zealand. It is an ideal resource for undergraduate students in both countries to enhance their understanding of human development.

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About the authors xii
Preface xiv
Real world applications xv
Accompanying resources xvi
Australian and New Zealand content at a glance xvii
Acknowledgements xx

Chapter 1 Studying development 1

Chapter 2 Theories of development 29

Chapter 3 Biological foundations, genetics, prenatal development and birth 59

Chapter 4 Physical development and functioning 103

Chapter 5 Physical development: nutrition, health and illness 131

Chapter 6 Motor development 181

Chapter 7 Sensation, perception and attention 199

Chapter 8 Cognitive development: Piaget and beyond 217

Chapter 9 Cognitive development: memory and information processing 245

Chapter 10 Language development 263

Chapter 11 Self and personality 283

Chapter 12 Social development: family influences 313 

Chapter 13 Social development: peer and other influences 357

Chapter 14 Gender and sexuality 401

Chapter 15 Emotional development 433

Chapter 16 Moral development 455

Glossary 469
References 478
Name index 531
Subject index 546

  • Thoroughly updated research and statistics
  • 20% more real world examples and applications in psychological, allied health and educational contexts
  • Interactive Study Guide
  • Multicultural view boxed features throughout the text highlight issues of development from a cross-cultural or multicultural perspective
  • Theory in practice boxed features throughout the text provide either:
    • The transcript of an interview with a local practitioner in the psychology, health or education fields, or
    • The application of relevant developmental theory on a specific issue within the Australasian context
  • Focusing on boxed features provide expanded coverage of selected developmental topics by highlighting a timely local issue for Australia or New Zealand
  • What do you think? questions appear regularly throughout each chapter and are designed to stimulate reflection and discussion about key issues and concepts of development