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Light-Matter Interaction

Light-Matter Interaction

Wendell T. Hill III, Chi H. Lee

ISBN: 978-3-527-61902-3

Jun 2008

325 pages

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This book draws together the principal ideas that form the basis of atomic, molecular, and optical science and engineering. It covers the basics of atoms, diatomic molecules, atoms and molecules in static and electromagnetic fields and nonlinear optics. Exercises and bibliographies supplement each chapter, while several appendices present such important background information as physics and math definitions, atomic and molecular data, and tensor algebra.
Accessible to advanced undergraduates, graduate students, or researchers who have been trained in one of the conventional curricula of physics, chemistry, or engineering but who need to acquire familiarity with adjacent areas in order to pursue their research goals.
Part 1: Light-Matter Interaction: Atoms, Molecules and External Fields
1. Hydrogen-Like Ion: An Atom (Ion) with One Electron
2. The Structure of the Multielectron Atom
3. Atoms in Static Fields
4. Atoms in AC Fields
5. Diatomic Molecules
6. Molecules in External Fields

Part 2: Light-Matter Interaction: Nonlinear Optics
7. Nonlinear Optics
8. Wave Propagation
9. Quantum Theory
10. Applications

A. Atomic Physics Definitions
B. Mathematics Related to AMO Calculations
C. Atomic and Molecular Data
D. Coupling Angular Momenta
E. Tensor Algebra