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Light Metals 2006, Volume 2, Aluminum Reduction Technology

Light Metals 2006, Volume 2, Aluminum Reduction Technology

T. J. Galloway (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-873-39616-5

Nov 2006

394 pages

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Volume two of four: This publication includes papers on aluminum reduction technology from the 2006 TMS Annual Meeting. Other volumes include papers on alumina and bauxite, carbon technology, cast shop technology and recycling aluminum.

From the 2006 TMS Annual Meeting, held March 12-16, 2006, in San Antonio, Texas.


Editor's Biography.

Program Organizers.

Aluminum Committee.

Aluminum Reduction Technology.

Environmental Elements.

The Soderberg Technology: Problems or Advantages in the Future (V. Mann).

Methods for Calculating PFC Emissions from Primary Aluminium Production (J. Marks).

Root Causes of Variability Impacting Short Term In-Plant PFC Measurements (N.R. Dando, and W. Xu).

Reduction of HF Emissions from the TRIMET Aluminum Smelter (Optimizing Dry Scrubber Operations and Its Impact on Process Operations) (M. Iffert, M. Kuenkel, M. Skyllas-Kazacos, and B. Welch).

Impact of Tending Practices on Fluoride Evolution and Emission from Aluminum Smelting Pots (N.R. Dando, and R. Tang).

Correlation of Fluoride Evolution with On Line Off Gas Duct Temperature (N.F. Nagem, E. Batista, A.F. Silva, V. Gomes, H. Ferreira, R.R.S. Mendes, and L.J.P. Souza).

New Design of Cover for Anode Trays (J.-P. Gagné, R. Boulianne, J.-F. Magnan, M.-A. Thibault, G. Dufour, and C. Gauthier).

Running Results of the SPL Detoxifying Pilot Plant in Chalco (W. Li, and X. Chen).

Cell Development and Operations - Part I.

Alouette Phase II: Starting-Up the Right Way (P. Reny, J.H. Lombard, and R.J. Geren).

35 Years of Improvement at Anglesey Aluminium (D. Woodfield, D. Roberts, M. Wilson, and G. Forde).

Reduction of Amperage at New Zealand Aluminium Smelters (D. Whitfield, and G. Oldenhof).

180 kA Booster Cells Operation at Albras (J.E.M. Blasques, G.E. da Mota, H.P. Dias, and G. De Gregoriis).

The Next Step to the AP3X-HALE Technology: Higher Amperage, Lower Energy and Economical Performances (O. Martin, J.M. Jolas, B. Benkahla, O. Rebouillat, C. Richard, and C. Ritter).

Development of B32 Cell Technology (D. Billinghurst, B. Paul, G.P. Bearne, and I.A. Coad).

Analysis of Prebake Anode Assembly of Hall-Heroult Cells to Enhance Life of Conductor Bar (B. Kapoor, S.C. Tandon, R.N. Prasad, and M. Kamaraj).

Upgrading Control System with AC800 PEC for Rectifier Systems (S. Tambe).

Analysis of the Start-Up of Q-350 Prebaked Aluminum Reduction Cells (S. Zeng, J. Li, T. Lan, F. Yang, L. Ding, and X. Yang).

Cell Development and Operations - Part II.

Paradox in Cell Temperature Measurement Using Type K Thermocouples (X. Wang, G. Tarcy, B. Hosler, M. Slaugenhaupt, and S. Albright).

The "Liquidus Enigma" Revisited (B.P. Moxnes, A. Solheim, T. Støre, B.E. Aga, and L. Støen).

Rate of Metal Cooling in Aluminum Reduction Cell Removed from Line Current–Method and Model (K.F. Lalonde, W. Cotten, and R.M. Beeler).

Method for Automated Adjustment of Alumina Feeding Times in Smelting Pots (C. Radulescu, P. Chirimbu, C.T. Stanescu, M. Atanasiu, I. Cojocaru, and G. Dobra).

CVG Venalum Potline Supervisory System (C. Abaffy, R. Áiquel, J. Lárez, and J. González).

SUAL 300 kA Pre-Baked Cells (V.I. Skornyakov, A.F. Zharov, V.V. Veselkov, Yu.V. Bogdanov, B.I. Ayushin, B.I. Smolyanitsky, and A.M. Nadtochy).

Investigation of the Failure of a 300 kA Prebaked Anode Reduction Cell (Z.-n. Shi, B.-j. Ren, D.-x. Wang, S.-y. Liu, Q.-h. Cao, and Z.-x. Qiu).

Production of Refined Aluminum and High-Purity Aluminum (H. Lu, Y. Wang, Z. Liu, X. Zhai, J. Liu, and T. Hong).

Pot Control and Modeling.

The New Development of the ALPSYS System Related to the Management of Anode Effect Impact (B. Sulmont, S. Fardeau, E. Barrioz, and P. Marcellin).

Further Results from the Wireless Instrumentation of Hall-Héroult Cells (M. Schneider, D. Steingart, J.W. Evans, P. Wright, and D. Ziegler).

Stability Analysis of Simplified Electrolysis Cells with MISTRAL (T. Tomasino, M. Le Hervet, O. Martin, and T. Lelièvre).

Busbar Sizing Modeling Tools: Comparing an ANSYS Based 3D Model with the Versatile 1D Model Part of MHD-Valdis (M. Dupuis, and V. Bojarevics).

Comparison of MHD Models for Aluminium Reduction Cells (V. Bojarevics, and K. Pericleous).

Neural Model of Electric Resistance in Reduction Cells of Aluminum to be Applied on the Process Control (N. Dourado, M. Castro, M.V.B.M. Branco, R.C.L. Oliveira, and V.G. Pereira).

PIV Measurements on Physical Models of Aluminium Reduction Cells (M.A. Cooksey, and W. Yang).

Numerical Analysis of the Collector Bar Current Distribution of a Reduction Cell (D. Kacprzak, M. Gustafsson, L. Li, and M. Taylor).

Inert Anodes - Part I.

Anode Overvoltage on Metallic Inert Anodes in Low-Melting Bath (J. Thonstada, A. Kiszab, and J. Hives).

Gas Evolution on Graphite and Oxygen-Evolving Anodes During Aluminium Electrolysis (L. Cassayre, G. Plascencia, T. Marin, S. Fan, and T. Utigard).

de Nora Oxygen Evolving Inert Metallic Anode (T. Nguyen, and V. de Nora).

Modeling of a 25 kA de Nora Inert Metallic Anode Test Cell (J. Antille, L. Klinger, R. von Kaenel, and V. de Nora).

Technical and Economical Evaluation of the de Nora Inert Metallic Anode in Aluminum Reduction Cells (R. von Kaenel, and V. de Nora).

Electrochemical Behavior of Metals and Binary Alloys in Cryolite-Alumina Melts (E.V. Antipov, A.G. Borzenkoo, V.M. Denisov, A.Yu. Filatov, V.V. Ivanov, S.M. Kazakov, P.M. Mazin, V.M. Mazin, V.I. Shtanov, D.A. Simakov, G.A. Tsirlina, S.Yu. Vassiliev, and Yu.A. Velikodny).

Electrical Conductivity of Low Melting Cryolite Melts (V.A. Kryukovsky, A.V. Frolov, O.Yu. Tkatcheva, A.A. Redkin, Y.P. Zaikov, V.A. Khokhlov, and A.P. Apisarov).

Study on the Nickel Ferrate Spinel Inert Anode for Aluminum Electrolysis (Y. Liu, G. Yao, H. Luo, and X. Zhang).

Aluminum Electrolysis Tests with Inert Anodes in KF-AlF3-Based Electrolytes (J. Yang, J.N. Hryn, and G.K. Krumdick).

Cell Development Part III and Emerging Technologies.

Experiences with Long Power Interruption Periods and Lower Amperage Operation in a VS Soderberg Potline (J. Yamamoto, L. Paulino, and C.E. Zangiacomi).

Influence of Thermo-Hydraulic Fields on Structural Mechanics of Reduction Cells (M. Flueck, J. Rappaz, and Y. Safa).

Towards a Proper Understanding of Sideledge Facing the Metal in Aluminium Cells? (A. Solheim).

Technoeconomic Assessment of the Carbothermic Reduction Process for Aluminum Production (W. Choate, and J. Green).

Ionic Liquids Electrowinning of Aluminum in Batch Mode Cells (M. Zhang, and R.G. Reddy).

Size Distribution of the Bubbles in the Hall-Héroult Cells (S. Poncsák, L. Kiss, D. Toulouse, A. Perron, and S. Perron).

Study on Bubble Behavior on Anode in Aluminum Electrolysis-Part I (Z. Wang, B. Gao, H. Li, Z. Shi, X. Lu, and Z. Qiu).

Study on Bubble Behavior on Anode in Aluminum Electrolysis-Part II (B. Gao, X. Hu, J. Xu, Z. Shi, Z. Wang, and Z. Qiu).

Fundamentals, Emerging Technologies and Inert Anodes - Part II.

On the Entropy Generation in Aluminium Electrolysis Cell (A. Hołda, J. Donizak, J.M. Nonell, and Z. Kolenda).

Effect of Additive V2O5 on Sintering and Corrosion Rate of Cermet Inert Anodes in Aluminium Electrolysis (J.H. Xi, G.C. Yao, and Y.H. Liu).

Effect of V2O5 on Electrical Conductivity of Cermet Inert Anodes (J.H. Xi, G.C. Yao, Y.H. Liu, and X.M. Zhang).

Study on Corrosion of Cermet Inert Anode Based on Nickel Ferrite Spinel (T. Luo, Z.-W. Wang, B.-L. Gao, X.-G. Yu, Z.-N. Shi, and Z.-X. Qiu).

On the Corrosion Behaviour of NiFe2O4-NiO Based Cermets as Inert Anodes in Aluminum Electrolysis (Y. Lai, J. Li, Z. Tian, S. Ye, H. Duan, and Y. Liu).

Study on Sintering Technique of NiFe2O4/SiCW Used as Matrix of Inert Anodes in Aluminium Electrolysis (S.T. Zhang, G.C. Yao, and Y.H. Liu).

Electrolysis Test of 1350A Drained Cathode Reduction Cell with TiB2 –Coated Cathode (N. Feng, X. Qi, J. Peng, X. Duan, and J. Wu).

Producing Aluminum-Silicon Alloys from Andalusite Ore by Carbothermal Reduction Method (H. Lu, M. Chen, Q. Liu, and S. Chen).

The Development and Application of Data Warehouse and Data Mining in Aluminum Electrolysis Control Systems (X. Chen, J. Li, W. Zhang, Z. Zou, F. Ding, Y. Liu, and Q. Li).

Navier-Stokes Equations in Presence of Laplace Forces in the Aluminum Reduction Cell (A. Moraru, and A. Panaitescu).

Author Index.

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