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Light Metals 2006, Volume 4, Cast Shop Technology and Recycling Aluminum

Light Metals 2006, Volume 4, Cast Shop Technology and Recycling Aluminum

T. J. Galloway (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-873-39618-9

Mar 2007

294 pages

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Volume four of four: This publication includes papers on cast shop technology and recycling aluminum from the 2006 TMS Annual Meeting. Other volumes include papers on alumina and bauxite, aluminum reduction technology, and carbon technology.

From the 2006 TMS Annual Meeting, held March 12-16, 2006, in San Antonio, Texas.


Editor's Biography.

Program Organizers.

Aluminum Committee.

Cast Shop Technology.

Cast House Operations.

A Study on the Failure Investigation of Graphite Column Used for Degassing in the Aluminium Caster Plant (Y.V. Ramana, and R. Kumar).

Building the Billet Production Management Process at Alcoa Poços de Caldas (A.L.T. de Abreu, and L. Paulino).

Quantifying Factors Affecting Aluminum In-Line Degassing Efficiency (D.W. Busch).

A Case Study on Failure Analysis of AA 6063 Billets During Extrusion Process (Y.V. Ramana, R. Kumar, and N.K. Singh).

Metal Quality of Secondary Alloys for Al Castings (E. Velasco, and J. Proulx).

Furnace Operation and Refractory Materials.

Calcium Aluminate Based Castables for Liquid Aluminium Contact Areas: A Laboratory Evaluation (M. Hogenboom).

Computational Analysis of the Conversion of a Generic Aluminum Holding Furnace from Air-Fired to Oxy-Fired Burners (B.M. Golchert, H. Metwally, and A. Kumar).

Design Considerations for Charge Preheating Ovens (J.M. Migchielsen, and J.D. de Groot).

Flame-Object Heat Transfer Using Different Burner Types and Orientations (G. Walter, L.I. Kiss, A. Charette, and V. Goutière).

Melt Treatment, Quality and Product Properties.

In-Plant Evaluation of Jetcleaner Metal Cleaning Efficiency (G. Le Roy, J.-M. Chateau, and B.D. Walker).

Experimental and Numerical Study of Ceramic Foam Filtration (E. Laé, H. Duval, C. Rivière, P. Le Brun, and J.-B. Guillot).

A Novel Crucible Metal Treatment Process for Impurity Removal in Secondary Aluminium (G. Riverin, J.-F. Bilodeau, and C. Dupuis).

Kinetics of an AlF3 Aluminium Filter (H. Görner, T.A. Engh, and M. Syvertsen).

Gas Fluxing of Aluminum: Comparison of Computational Fluid Dynamics Models and Experiments (A. Fjeld, J.W. Evans, and D.C. Chesonis).

The Role of B Element on Refining Purity Aluminum (H. Zhang).

Melt Down Dross on Magnesium Containing Aluminum Alloys (J.A. Clark, III).

A Method for Assessment of Boride Agglomeration in Grain Refinement of Aluminium (R. Vainik, L. Backerud, and J. Courtenay).

Shape Casting and Foundry Alloys.

Factors Influencing the Mechanical Properties of B206 Alloy Castings (G.K. Sigworth, and J.F. Major).

Solder Resistance Mechanisms of Novel Al-Sr-Si Die Casting Alloys (A. Kopper, and R. Donahue).

Effects of Sr and B Interactions in Hypoeutectic Al-Si Foundry Alloys (L. Lu, and A.K. Dahle).

Behaviour of the Solid-Liquid Interface at the Moment of Quenching During Solidification of Aluminum Alloys (D. Ruvalcaba, D. Eskin, and L. Katgerman).

Hypereutectic Al-Si Alloy Castings with a Completely Eutectic Structure (R.-Y. Wang, W.-H. Lu, and Z.-Y. Ma).

Casting, Solidification and Cast Defects.

Heat Fluxes at Metal-Mold Interface During Casting Solidification (A.S. Sabau).

An Integrated Approach to Control Hot Tearing in Sheet Ingot Casting (B. Commet, and A. Larouche).

Comparison of Experiments with Computer Simulations of Constant Unidirectional Melt Flow Along Solidification Front (A.N. Turchin, D.G. Eskin, and L. Katgerman).

Billet Quality Assessments and Investigation of Fine Oxides in 6000 Series VDC Cast Product (M.J. Couper, B. Rinderer, and B. Cumerford).

Studies in the Casting of AA6111 Strip on a Horizontal, Single Belt, Strip Casting Simulator (D. Li, S.G. Shabestari, M. Isac, and R.I.L. Guthrie).

Cast Processes and Chain Analysis.

Copper Shells for Twin Roll Casting (G. Hugenschütt, D. Kolbeck, and H.-G. Wobker).

A New Continuous Casting Process (H. Sommerhofer, and P. Sommerhofer).

Remelt Ingot Mold Heat Flow and Deformation (J. Grandfield, D. Mortensen, H. Fjær, P. Rohan, V. Nguyen, H. Sund, and T. Nguyen).

Turnkey Solutions for the Modern-Day Primary Aluminium Casthouse: The Alba Line 5 Experience (A. Haberl, B. Houghton, and H.H. Al-Ali).

Industrial Application of DOE Energy Savings Technologies to Aluminum Melting (C.K. Belt, B.M. Golchert, P.E. King, R.D. Peterson, and J.L. Tessandori).

A Quick-Change Ceramic Filter Assembly for Filtering Molten Aluminum and Other Metals (D.A. Larsen, and D. Vander Jagt).

Modeling Methods for Managing Raw Material Compositional Uncertainty in Alloy Production (G. Gaustad, P. Li, and R. Kirchain).

Maximizing the Quality of DC Cast Aluminum Billet (R.A.P. Fielding).


Aluminum Recycling.

Emerging Trends in Aluminum Recycling: Reasons and Responses (S.K. Das).

Raw Material Usage Strategies Under Conditions of Uncertain Alloy Demand (G. Gaustad, P. Li, and R. Kirchain).

Material Selection and the Impact on Recyclability, Green Purchasing and Corporate Social Responsibility – The Manganese Metal Case (J.E. Heinze, and K. Hagelstein).

Recycling Wastes in the Alumina Industry (N. Ilyoukha, and V. Timofeeva).

State of the Art in Aluminum Recycling from Aluminum Dross (L. Zhang).

Author Index.

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