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Light Metals 2007, Volume 2, Aluminum Reduction

Light Metals 2007, Volume 2, Aluminum Reduction

Morten Sorlie (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-00059-5

May 2007

464 pages

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These papers are based on presentations prepared for the Aluminum Reduction Technology Symposium. The original symposium description is as follows: "The Aluminum Reduction Technology Symposium, along with Alumina and Bauxite, Cast Shop Technology, Electrode Technology, Recycling Technology, Reactive Metals, collectively form the Light Metals Symposium, where experts from the Light Metals Industry and academia from all over the world meet each other and share information. You are invited to submit papers in the following subject areas: Cell Design; Cell Operation (Performance and Operating Advances); Cell Modernization and Productivity Increase; Process Control; Modeling of Cell Design; Environmental Aspects; Fundamentals; Bath Chemistry; Operation of Inert Electrodes; Emerging Reduction Processes.

A joint session is also planned with Electrode Technology to discuss fabrication of and cell operation with slotted anodes, and original contributions for this session are also solicited. The joint session will include a round-table discussion of experiences with slotted anodes."


Editor's Biography.

Program Organizers.

Aluminum Committee.

Environmental and Plant Improvements.

Alumina Dry-Scrubbing Technology: Development of a Cascade Feeding System for Improved Capture Efficiencies (Hugues Vendette, Neal Dando, Alain Moras, Eric Marion, and Weizong Xu).

Development of a System Based on Water Atomization to Decrease, Prior to Treatment, the Temperature of the Gas Emitted from Aluminium Cells (Myriam Bonnier, S. Massambi, J.M. Jolas, G. Girault, V. Demetriou, and O. Wheaton).

Effective Techniques to Control Fluoride Emissions (Stephen Lindsay).

Research at the Albras Aluminum Company for Utilizing Mineral Clay in Place of Asbestos. (Rinaldo Braga and Adinaldo Vilhena Ferreira).

Development of a Wearable Gauge for Measuring Transient Peak HF Concentrations in Aluminum Smelters (Neal Dando, Weizong Xu, and Jon Peace).

Revolutionary Design of Pot Tending Machines (Nicolas Dupas).

Aluminium Smelter Hot Cavity Bath Treatment Processes (Patrick Coulombe, Alain Gaboury, and Jean-Francois Riverin).

A New Alumina Distribution and Feeding System for Aluminium Reduction Cells (Andreas Wolf, Michael Altmann Rinck, and Peter Hilgraf ).

Operational and Technology Improvements.

The 77 Day Safe Start-Up of ALBA Line-5 (Abdul Raoof Mohamed).

Technical Improvement in Inalum (Dante Sinaga, Harmon Yunaz, Syahrul Bice, and M. Kondo).

Operational and Control Improvements in Reduction Lines at Aluminium Delfzijl (Marco A. Stam, Mark Taylor, John Chen, and Sikke van Dellen).

Henan Hongkong Longquan Aluminum Co. Ltd., China-Second Phase (Haibo She, Bijun Ren, and Juanzhang Zhang).

The Latest Developments of Alcan's AP36 and ALPSYS Technologies (Oliver Martin, B. Benkahla, T. Tomasino, Sylvain Fardeau, Claude Richard, and Isabelle Hugron).

Intensification of the Process in 300KA Pre-Baked Anode Cells (Yuri Bogdanov, Viatcheslav Veselkov, Aleksei Nadtochy, Vladimir Skornyakov, and BI Ayushin).

Experience and Pitfalls with Amperage Increase in Hydro Aluminum Potlines during the Last Ten Years (Halvor Kvande, Bjørn Petter Moxnes, Havard Gikling, and Marvin Bugge).

Production Boost at Alro (Cristian Stanescu, Gheorghe Dobra, and Satish Manaktala).

Slotted Anodes – Joint Session with Electrode Technology.

Production and Performance of Slotted Anodes (Markus Meier, Raymond Perruchoud, and Werner Fischer).

Slot Cutting in Anodes (Jean-Jacques Grunspan).

Modeling the Bubble Driven Flow in the Electrolyte as a Tool for Slotted Anode Design Improvement (Dagoberto Severo, Vanderlei Gusberti, Elton C. V. Pinto, and Ronaldo R. Moura).

The Effect of Implementing Slotted Anodes on Some Operational Parameters of a Pb- Line (Ketil Rye, Ellen Myrvold, and Ingar Solberg).

Development and Deployment of Slotted Anode Technology at Alcoa (Xiangwen Wang, Gary Tarcy, Steve Whelan, Silvio Porto, Christopher Ritter, Bob Ouellet, Graham Homley, Andrew Morphett, Gilles Proulx, Stephen Lindsay, and Jay Bruggeman).

The Impact of Slots on Reduction Cell Individual Anode Current Variation (Geoffrey Bearne, Derek Gadd, and Simon Lix).

Modelling and Design I.

Development and Progress of 300 kA Aluminum Reduction Cells in Yichuan Aluminum Smelter Plant (Bijun Ren, Zongningo Shi, Songling Dai, Jun Lix, and Zhaow en Wang).

Modeling the Effect of the Anode Changing Sequence with a Non-Linear Shallow Water Stability Model (Vanderlei Gusberti, Dagoberto Severo, Andre Schneider, Elton C. V. Pinto, and Antonio C.F. Vilela).

Analysis of the Formation of Magnetic Forces in the Metal Pad (Marcus Gustafsson, Dariusz Kacprzak, Mark P. Taylor, and Peter Polyakov).

Simulation of Cell Thermoelectric Field with Consideration of Electrochemical Processes (Gennady Arkhipov, Vitali Pingin, and Yaroslav Tretyakov).

Numerical Simulation of Electrical Joints in the By-Pass System of 230 kA Cells at CVG VENALUM (Ulises Ortega, Juan Salazar, and Juan Gonzalez).

CFD Modelling of Electrolyte Flow in Aluminium Reduction Cells (Yuqing Feng, Mark Cooksey, and M. Philip Schwarz).

A New Wave Equation for MHD Instabilities in Aluminum Reduction Cells (Mehdi Kadkhodabeigi, and Yadollah Saboohi).

Cell Fundamentals, Phenomena and Alternatives.

Bubble Noise from S°derberg Pots (Marianne Jensen, Tor Pedersen, and Kjell Kalgraf).

Theory of Bubble Noise, Bath Height, and Anode Quality (Kjell Kalgraf, Marianne Jensen, and Tor Bjarn Pedersen).

Electrode Processes of Sulphur Species in Molten Salts (Pavel Fellner, Marta Ambrová, Jomar Thonstad, and Jana Jurisová).

Interaction of Heat Resistance Concrete with Low Melting Electrolyte KF-AlF3(CR=1,3) (Yurii Zaikov, Oleg Chemezov, Alexander Chuikin, Alexander Redkin, Andrei Khramov, Nikolai Shurov, and Vasilii Kryukovskii).

Effect of Ca in Characterization of Bath Electrolyte by the X-Ray Methods (Frank Feret).

Aluminium Production Process Options with a Focus on the Application of Hydrogen Diffusion Anodes (Sankar Namboothiri, Mark Taylor, John Chen, Margaret Hyland, and Mark Cooksey).

Ionic Liquid Electrowinning of Aluminum -Modeling of Batch Reactor (Mingming Zhang and Ramana Reddy).

Refining Aluminum Process in Ionic Liquids (Huimin Lu and Yongheng Wang).

Anode Effects and Process Control I.

Anode Effect and Specific Energy Reduction through Cell Control and Operating Parameters Optimisation (Abdelhamid Meghlaoui, Abdulla Zarouni, and Dinesh Kothari).

Maximum Anode Effect Voltage (Alton Tabereaux).

Potline Start-Up with Low Anode Effect Frequency (Willy Kristensen, Gauti H÷skuldsson, and Barry Welch).

Faster Anode Effect Kill (Carlos Braga, Nilton Freixo Nagem, Ari Silva, Mark Verlihay, Stephen Martin, and Chirstopher E. Ritter).

Experiences on the Anode Effect Reduction at Alcoa Pocos De Caldas (Andre Abreu, Carlos Zangiacomi, and Rodrigo Magalhaes).

Development of Dubal Cell Control Unit (Mamatha Shyamala, Dinkar Vittalapai, and Florentino Maloto).

"Smart Feeders" for Alumina in Hall-Heroult Prebake Cell (Roald Hvidsten, and Ketil Rye).

Research of Fuzzy Control for Alumina in Henan Honk Kong Longquan Alumina Co LTD., China (Ren Bijun, Wendong Zhao, Songling Dai, and Shichang Chen).

Modelling II and General.

Efficient Operation of Compressed Air Jets for Sidewall Cooling (Rob Wallace, Mark P Taylor, John J.J. Chen, and Mohammed Farid).

Effect of Slot Height and Width on Liquid Flow in Physical Models of Aluminium Reduction Cells (Mark Cooksey and William Yang).

Further Results on the Application of Aluminum-Copper Bimetal Sheets in Aluminum Reduction Cells (Kayron Lalonde).

Balco Fuse Technology (P. Suri, J. Ramaswami, P. Divakaran, and Abhishek Kumar).

Analysis of Cathode Voltage Drop in Aluminum Electrolysis Cells with an Electric Contact Model (Wei Liu, Jie Li, Yanqing Lai, Zhigang Wang, and Yexiyang Liu).

Producing Aluminum-Silicon Alloys from High-Aluminum Bearing Coal Ash by Carbothermal Reduction Method (Huimin Lu and Huanqing Han).

Study of Making Casting Aluminum-Silica Alloy with Coarse Aluminum-Silicon Alloy Produced by Carbothermal Reduction of Aluminous Ore (Wang Yaowu, Mingsheng Yang, Jing You, Wei Zhang, Naixiang Feng, Di Yuezhong, and Ma Shaoxian).

Formation of Aluminum-Iron Master Alloys Prepared Using Plain Carbon Steel Anode (Dali Cao, Zhuxian Qiu, Jikun Wang, Zhongnig Shi, and Zhaowen Wang).

Inert Anode Operation and Low Temperature Electrolyte.

Nickel and Nickel Alloys Electrochemistry in Cryolite-Alumina Melts (Dmitry Simakov, Evgeny V. Antipov, Marina I. Borzenko, A. Velikodny, Victo M. Denisov,Victor V. Ivanov, Sergey M. Kazakov, Zoya V. Kuzminova, Alexander Yu. Filatov, Galina A. Tsirlina, and Vladimir I. Shtanov).

The Bubble Laden Layer around Inert Anodes (László Kiss, Alexandre L. Penton,Sandor Poncsak, Jacques Antille, and Thin Nguyen).

Semi-Vertical de Nora Inert Metallic Anode (V. de Nora, Thinh Nguyen, Rene Von Kaenel, Jacques Antille, and Laurent Klinger).

Aluminum Electrolysis in a Low Temperature Heavy Electrolyte System with Fe-Ni-Al2O3 Composite Anodes (Junli Xu, Zhongning Shi, Zhuxian Qiu, and Bingliang Gao).

Modeling of Cryolite-Alumina Melts Properties and Experimental Investigation of Low Melting Electrolytes (Alexander Redkin, Olga Tkatcheva, Yurii Zaikov, and Alexei Apisarov).

A Thermodynamic Model for the NaF-Kf-AlF3-NaCl-KCl-AlCl3 System (Patrice Chartrand and Matthias Heyrman).

Investigation of 5Cu-(10NiO-NiFe2O4) Inert Anode in Low-Temperature Aluminum Electrolysis (Jiawei Wang, Yanqing Lai, Zhongliang Tian, Jie Li, and Yexiang Liu).

Liquidus Temperature, Density and Electrical Conductivity of Low Temperature Electrolyte for Aluminum Electrolysis (Hongmin Kan, Zhaowen Wang, Zhongning Shi, Yungang Ban, Xiao Chou Cao, Shaohua Yang, and Zhuxian Qiu).

Alumina Solubility in KF-AlF3 Based Low-Temperature Electrolyte System (Jian-hong Yang, Donald G. Graczyk, Catherine Wunsch, and John Hryn).

Process Control II and Bath Chemistry.

Bath Superheat to Control Electrolysis Process (A.I. Berezin, Tatiana Piskazhova, V.V. Gritsko, A.V. Tarakanov, I.N. Volokhov, and P.V. Polyakov).

Aluminum Reduction Cell Control by Distributed Temperature Data (Vladimir Yurkov and O. Ushakova).

Use of Contigency Tables for Determining Statistical Dependence of Attribute Data from Aluminum Reduction Cell Processes (Kayron Lalonde and Wayne Cotten).

Adaptive Fuzzy Control System of 300k A Aluminum Production Cell (Zeng Shuiping and Li Jinhong).

Predictive Models for the Density and Viscosity of the NaF-AlF3-CaF2-Al2O3 Electrolyte (
Christian Robelin and Patrice Chartrand).

Modified Alumina-Cryolite Bath with High Electrical Conductivity and Dissolution Rate of Alumina (Anton Frolov, Alexander Gusev, Yurii Zaikov, Andrey Khramov, Nikolai Shurov, Olga Tkacheva, Alexei Apisarov, and Vadim Kovrov).

Graphitised Cathode Flaking Phenomenon during Alba’s Line-5 Start-Up (Mohamed Mahmood).

Fault Diagnosis System for 350kA Pre-Baked Aluminum Reduction Cell Based on BP Neural Network (Zeng Shuiping, Li Jin Long, and Ding Lei).

Author Index.

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