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Light Metals 2007, Volume 4, Electrode Technology

Light Metals 2007, Volume 4, Electrode Technology

Morten Sorlie (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-00061-8

May 2007

316 pages

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Compilations of the best papers in the 40+ year history of this definitive reference in the field of aluminum production and related light metals technologies. Each volume contains a strong mix of materials science and practical, applied technology surrounding its particular topic area.
Volume 4: Electrode Technology Symposium (formerly Carbon Technology).


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Aluminum Committee.

Cathode Part I: Cathode Wear and Construction.

Laboratory Test Methods for Determining the Cathode Wear Mechanism in Aluminium Cells (Egil Skybakmoen, Asbjørn Solheim, Sverre Rolseth, Henrik Gudbrandsen, and Arne P. Ratvik).

Wear of Carbon Cathodes in Cryolite-Alumina Melts (Kristin Vasshaug, Trygve Foosnæs, Geir Martin Haarberg, Arne Petter Ratvik, and Egil Skybakmoen).

Experimental Comparison of Cathode Rodding Practices (Lucio Caruso, Ketil Rye, and Morten Sorlie).

Property Change of Dry Barrier Mixes Used in a Cathode of Aluminium Reduction Cells (Alexander Proshkin and Peter Polyakov).

Anti-Corrosion Mechanism of SiC-Si3N4 Sidelining Materials in Aluminium Electrolyte (Zhaowen Wang, Xianwei Hu, Zhongning Shi, Bingliang Gao, Guimin Lu, Jianzhong Cui, and Zhuxian Qiu).

Treatment of Spent-Potlining for Recovery of Fluoride Values (Diego Fernandez Lisbona and Karen M. Steel).

Tests of Various Graphitic Cathode Blocks Materials for 300 kA Aluminum Reduction Cells (Zhongning Shi, Bijun Ren, Junli Xu, and Zhaowen Wang).

Research on Crushing Character of Spent Cathode (Xiping Chen and Wangxing Li).

Anode Technology and Production.

Carbon Nanofiber Additions to Electrodes for the Aluminium Electrolysis (Sten Yngve Larsen, Shahid Akhtar, Geir Ausland, Zhixin Yu, Harald A. Øye, and Trygve Foosnæs).

Problems of the StubûAnode Connection (Siegfried Wilkening and Jules Côté).

Using Troubleshooting Software to Reduce Variation and Improve Anode Quality (Barry Sadler, Jason Govender, Nicole Ulbricht, Stephen Scrase, Kevin Viviers, Tjaart van der Walt, Simon Frank, and Cobus van Heerden).

New Green Anode Plant at BALCO – Start-Up and Operation in the First Year (Manfred Beilstein, Shailender Kumar, K.A. Chowdary, Anand Dev Pandey, and Rudolf Gemein).

Effect of Vacuum Vibroforming on Porosity Development during Anode Baking (Michal Tkac, Trygve Foosnæs, and Harald A Øye).

Alumar Coke Blending Facility Strategy (Francisco Figueiredo, Aluisio Nascimento, Vinicius Piffer, Ciro Kato, and Helio Truci).

A Review of Coke and Anode Desulfurization (Les Edwards, Keith Neyrey, and Lorentz Lossius).

Production and Application of Coal Tar Pitch in China (Fengqin Liu).

Properties of Inert Anode Materials.

Corrosion Behavior of Nickel Ferrite-Based Ceramics for Aluminium Electrolysis Cells (Xiao Yan, Mark I. Pownceby, and Geoff A. Brooks).

Effect of Cu Content on the Corrosion Behaviour of Cu/(10NiO-90NiFe2O4) Cermets in Aluminum Electrolysis (Tian Zhongliang, Lai Yanqing, Li Xinzheng, Li Jie, and Liu Yexiang).

Effect of Additive and Grain Composition and on Properties of Inert Anodes (Jinhui Xi, Yingjie Xie, Guangchun Yao, and Yihan Liu).

Al-Ti-O-X Cermet as Inert Anode for Aluminium Electrolysis (Xiaozhou Cao, Zhongning Shi, Hongmin Kan, Xianwei Hu, Zhaowen Wang, and Zhuxian Qiu).

Effect of Copper Content on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Cu/(10NiO-NiFe2O4) Cermets (Zhang Gang, Li Jie, Lai Yan Qing, Zhang Yong, Tian Zhong Liang, Ye Shao Long, and Liu Ye Xiang).

Study on the Conductivity of Fe-Ni-Al2O3 Cermet Inert Anode (Xiaozhou Cao, Zhongning Shi, Xianwei Hu, Xiaodong Lu, Zhaowen Wang, Zhuxian Qiu, Bingliang Gao, and Shaohua Yang).

Analysis on Electrolysis Corrosion from the Electric Mechanism of Cermet Inert Anode Based on Nickel Ferrate (Tao Luo, Zhao-wen Wang, and Xu-guang Yu).

Anode Baking Furnace Technology.

The Development of Anode Baking Technology from Past to Future (Wolfgang Leisenberg and Detlef Maiwald).

Proven Control Philosophy and Operation for Anode Baking Process (David Beach, Denis Fantin, Hubert Gay, Pierre Mahieu, Rick Coetzee, and Michael Lyle).

Process Optimization in Bake Furnace (Vinicius Piffer, Markus Meier, Paulo Miotto, Ciro Kato, Marcos Aurelio Silva, Peter Sulger, and Raymond Perruchoud).

Fuel Consumption: A Key Parameter in Anode Baking Furnace (Jean Bigot, Magali Gendre, and Jean-Christophe Rotger).

A Breakthrough in Anode Baking Furnace Fluewall Design (Magali Gendre, Jean-Christophe Rotger, Yann El Ghaoui, and Nicolas Mathieu).

Refurbishment and Modernization of Existing Anode Baking Furnaces (Frank Goede).

Results of Operating a New RTO Based Fume Treatment System at a Baking Furnace (Matthias Hagen).

Emissions of Dioxins and VOC from the Aardal Carbon Plant (Carl Behrens, Oscar Espeland, and Bjarne Nenseter).

Cathode Part II: Preheating and Cell Start Up.

Experimental Evaluation of the Preheating Process to Gas with Peripheral Protection in Cells of CVG Alcasa, Venezuela (Rafael Tosta and Evelyn Mercedes Inzunza).

Improvement in Cell Preheat and Start Up at Dubal (B. Kakkar, Ali Mohammed, and Arvind Kumar).

Improvements for the Electrical Preheating of Hall-Heroult Pots (Günter Berndt and Ingo Eick).

The Measurement of Thermal Coefficient of Aluminum Reduction Cell Lining Materials (Jiang Yanli, Feng Naixiang, Di Yuezhong,, Ma Chenggui, Ciu Jianzhong, and Mao Shaoxian).

Rodding and Coke Inventory.

Electrode Plant-Larger Anode Assembly Project (Paul Harry and Alan Tomsett).

Anode Stubs Inspection System (Jean-Pierre Gagne, Marc-André Thibault, Jean-Yves Carrier, Gilles Dufour, Claude Gauthier, and Pascal Rochette).

Advances in Rodding Shop Solutions (Nicolas Dupas).

XELIOS, A Vibrocompactor Designed for Producing High Density Anodes (Hugues Vincent, Jean-François André, and Andre Pinoncely).

Understanding Calcined Coke Bulk Density-Inventory (Bernard Vitchus and Frank R. Cannova).

Cathode Part III: Titanium Diboride.

Chemical Stability of Pitch-Based TiB2ûC Coatings on Carbon Cathodes (M. Ibrahiem, T. Foosnæs, and H.A. Øye).

Application of TiB2-Coating Cathode Blocks Made by Vibration Molding for 300 kA Aluminum Reduction Cells (Ren Bijun, Zhongning Shi, Yungang Ban, Songling Dai, Zhaowen Wang, Zhuxian Qiu, and Junli Xu).

Application of TiB2/C Composite Cathode Coating Solidified at Ambient Temperature in 300kA Prebaking Aluminium Reduction Cell (Yungang Ban, Zhongning Shi, Hongmin Kan, Zhaowen Wang, Zhuxian Qiu, Shanghua Yang, and Xiao Zhou Cao).

Preparation of TiB2 Inert Cathode by Electrodeposition Process for Aluminum Electrolysis (Yungang Ban, Zhongning Shi, Hongmin Kan, Zhaowen Wang, Zhuxian Qiu, Shanghua Yang, and Xiao Zhou Cao).

Sodium Expansion of Carbon/TiB2 Composite Cathodes during Aluminum Electrolysis (Jilai Xue, Qingsheng Liu, and Wenli Ou).

Study on Expansion of TiB2/C Compound Cathode and Sodium Penetration during Electrolysis (Wang Yaowu, Feng Naixiang, You Jing, Peng Jianping, Duan Xueliang, Wu Jianguo, Ma Shaoxian, Su Shijie, and Ma Chenggui).

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