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Light Metals 2013

Light Metals 2013

Barry Sadler (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-60572-1

Mar 2013

1416 pages

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The Light Metals series is widely recognized as the definitive source of information on new developments in aluminum production technology. This new volume presents proceedings from 2013's Light Metal Symposia, covering the latest research and technologies on such areas as alumina and bauxite, aluminum reduction technology, electrode technology for aluminum production, cast shop for aluminum production, aluminum processing aluminum alloys, and cost affordable titanium IV. It also includes papers from a keynote presentation session discussing impurities in the aluminum supply chain are also included.
Preface xxi

About the Editor xxiii

Program Organizers xxv

Aluminum Committee xxvii

2013 Aluminum Keynote: Impurities in the Aluminum Supply Chain 1

Keynote Session 3

Alumina and Bauxite 47

Digestion 49

Clarification 75

Red Mud 103

Precipitation and Calcination 137

Impurities 175

Low Grade Alumina Sources 201

Aluminum Alloys: Fabrication, Characterization and Applications Development and Application 251

Development and pplication 253

Corrosion Resistance Performance 277

Casting and Solidification 289

Thermal Mechanical Processing 339

Solutioning and Aging 365

Emerging Technology 395

General Poster Session 423

Aluminum Processing 487

Aluminum Processing I 489

Aluminum Processing II 497

Aluminum Reduction Technology 533

Cell Design and Performance 535

Fundamentals: Modelling 577

Potline Operation I: Smelter Operations 633

Fundamentals: Chemistry 673

Cell Operations and Process Control 711

Environment I 761

Potline Operation II: Equipment 817

Environment II: PFCs 857

Cell Fundamentals, Phenomena and Alternatives I (2012) 909

Cast Shop for Aluminum Production 921

Aluminum Cast Shop I 923

Aluminum Cast Shop II 947

Aluminum Cast Shop III 999

Aluminum Cast Shop IV 1029

Electrode Technology for Aluminium Production Anode Raw Materials 1041

Anode Raw Materials 1043

Paste Plant Operations 1089

Bake Furnace Design and Operation 1131

Anode Quality and Performance 1175

Cathode Materials and Wear 1225

Inert Anodes, Cell Materials and Alternative Processes 1275

CBF Environmental & Anode Electrical Connections 1315

Author Index 1365

Subject Index 1371