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Linear Models

Linear Models

Shayle R. Searle

ISBN: 978-1-118-49178-2

Aug 2012

560 pages


This 1971 classic on linear models is once again available--as a Wiley Classics Library Edition. It features material that can be understood by any statistician who understands matrix algebra and basic statistical methods.
Generalized Inverse Matrices.

Distributions and Quadratic Forms.

Regression, or the Full Rank Model.

Introducing Linear Models: Regression on Dummy Variables.

Models Not of Full Rank.

Two Elementary Models.

The 2-Way Crossed Classification.

Some Other Analyses.

Introduction to Variance Components.

Methods of Estimating Variance Components from Unbalanced Data.

Variance Component Estimation from Unbalanced Data: Formulae.

Literature Cited.

Statistical Tables.