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Linear Operators, 3 Volume Set

Nelson Dunford, Jacob T. Schwartz

ISBN: 978-0-470-55561-3 May 2009 2648 Pages


This set features: Linear Operators, Part 1, General Theory (978-0-471-60848-6), Linear Operators, Part 2, Spectral Theory, Self Adjoint Operators in Hilbert Space (978-0-471-60847-9), and Linear Operators, Part 3, Spectral Operators (978-0-471-60846-2), all by Neilson Dunford and Jacob T. Schwartz.

This classic text, written by two notable mathematicians, constitutes a comprehensive survey of the general theory of linear operations, together with applications to the diverse fields of more classical analysis. Dunford and Schwartz emphasize the significance of the relationships between the abstract theory and its applications. This text has been written for the student as well as for the mathematician—treatment is relatively self-contained. This is a paperback edition of the original work, unabridged, in three volumes.

Set-theoretic Preliminaries.

Toplogical Preliminaries.

Algebraic Preliminaries.

Three Basic Principles of Linear Analysis.

Integration and Set Functions.

Special Spaces.

Convex Sets and Weak Topologies.

Operators and Their Adjoints.

General Spectral Theory.



Notation Index.

Author Index.

Subject Index.