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Linear Programming

Linear Programming

Katta G. Murty

ISBN: 978-0-471-09725-9

Oct 1983

512 pages

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A comprehensive, up-to-date text on linear programming. Covers all practical modeling, mathematical, geometrical, algorithmic, and computational aspects. Surveys recent developments in the field, including the Ellipsoid method. Includes extensive examples and exercises. Designed for advanced undergraduates or graduates majoring in engineering, mathematics, or business administration.

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Formulation of Linear Programs.

The Simplex Method.

The Geometry of the Simplex Method.

Duality in Linear Programming.

Revised (Primal) Simplex Method.

The Dual Simplex Method.

Numerically Stable Forms of the Simplex Method.

Parametric Linear Programs.

Sensitivity Analysis.

Degeneracy in Linear Programming.

Bounded-Variable Linear Programs.

The Decomposition Principle of Linear Programming.

The Transportation Problem.

Computational Complexity of the Simplex Algorithm.

The Ellipsoid Method.

Iterative Methods for Linear Inequalities and Linear Programs.

Vector Minima.