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Listen Up: Learning Activities

Listen Up: Learning Activities

Kittie W. Watson, Larry L. Barker

ISBN: 978-0-883-90467-1 March 1995 Pfeiffer 126 Pages


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Excellent supplement to the Listen Up programs!

Boost productivity and minimize mistakes with these 38 outstanding activities! A list of activities that address participants' needs in specific skill areas as identified by the listening test is provided.

The skill areas covered include:

* Awareness--staying attentive
* AttAnding--demonstrating interest
* Perceiving--seeing and hearing information
* Interpreting--seeking meaning
* ComprehAnding--understanding meaning
* Assessing--judging importance
* Responding--reacting to information

After you've used the Listen Up programs, you'll know what areas of communication need improvement. Here are the activities you need to stimulate those improvements. Get people thinking and talking about communication as they never have before!

* Minimize communication breakdowns
* Present communication as a four-stage listening process
Each activity states its specific objective and is categorized according to the listening stage that it addresses:
* Awareness**AttAnding and Perceiving** Interpreting and ComprehAnding** Assessing and Responding.

TIMING: Varies with activity (15 minutes to 2 hours)

AUDIENCE: All employees

Awareness Game Duo Set (Includes Diversity Activities And Training Design Package, And Listen Up: Learning Activities Package)

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Diversity Activities and Training Designs

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Listen Up: Learning Activities

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Awareness-Take a Note-Good Listener/Bad Listener-Listening Quiz-Walk a Mile in My Shoes.

Attending and Perceiving-Speaking But Not Being Heard-It Doesn't Add Up-Passing the Buck: Confessions from a Chocolate Company-Do You Hear What I Hear?-Sounds Like?-Sounds of Silence-Fantasy Island-Listening Relaxation.

Interpreting and ComprehAnding-Willing Yourself to Learn-Marooned on a Desert Island-Loaded Signs of Bias-Tell Me "Your" Story-Following Directions-Listening Trivia-An Apple a Day-The Name Game-The Daily News-Talk Shows-News Facts-It's Just a Rumor-Listening Obstacles-Identifying Listener Obstacles-Truth Or Dare-Listening Breakdowns-Test Your Listening Skills-Please Give Me Directions-The Listening Challenge-Once Is Not Enough: Again, and Again, and Again.

Assessing and Responding-Artistic Feedback-Opinion, Prediction, or Fact-Telephone Communication Skills-Take Control: The Listener's Role-Say It, Say It Again-Back to Back.