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Lithium Ion Batteries: Fundamentals and Performance



Lithium Ion Batteries: Fundamentals and Performance

Masataka Wakihara (Editor), Osamu Yamamoto (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-61198-0 November 2008 261 Pages


Rechargeable Batteries with high energy density are in great demand as energy sources for various purposes, e.g. handies, zero emission electric vehicles, or load leveling in electric power. Lithium batteries are the most promising to fulfill such needs because of their intrinsic discharbe voltage with relatively light weight.
This volume has been conceived keeping in mind selected fundamental topics together with the characteristics of the lithium ion battery on the market. It is thus a comprehensive overview of the new challenges facing the further development of lithium ion batteries from the standpoint of both materials science and technology. It will be useful for any scientist involved in the research and development of batteries in academia and industry, and also for graduate students entering the field, since it covers important topics from both fundamental and application points of view.
General Concepts (J.B. Goodenough)
Cathode Active Materials with a Three-dimensional Spinel Framework (M. Wakihara)
Relationship between Structure and Cell Properties of the Cathode for Lithium Batteries (M.S. Whittingham)
Design of the Lithium Anode and Electrolytes in Lithium Secondary Batteries with a Long Cycle Life (J. Yamaki)
Development of the Carbon Anode in Lithium Ion Batteries (N. Imanishi)
Electrochemical Intercalation of Lithiuminto Carbonaceous Materials (J.O. Besenhard)
Organic Electrolytes for Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries (Y. Matsuda)
Performance of the First Lithium Ion Battery and Its Process Technology (Y. Nishi)
All Solid State Lithium Secondary Battery with Highly Ion Conductive Glassy Electrolyte (S. Kondo)
Lithium Ion Plastic Batteries (B. Scrosati)