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Litigation Services Handbook: The Role of the Financial Expert, 4th Edition

Litigation Services Handbook: The Role of the Financial Expert, 4th Edition

Roman L. Weil, Peter B. Frank, Christian W. Hughes, Michael J. Wagner

ISBN: 978-0-470-05268-6 January 2007 1200 Pages




Litigation Services Handbook, Fourth Edition is referred to as the litigation bible. Its nearly 50 chapters read like a who's who in law and accounting. The handbook includes all aspects of litigation services, including current environments, the process itself, a wealth of cases, how to prove damages, and practical considerations of court appearances. The new edition has a heavy focus on fraud investigations and complying with Sarbanes-Oxley requirements.
Preface vii

About the Editors ix

About the Contributors xiii


1. The Role of the Financial Expert in Litigation Services 1.1
Peter B. Frank
Christian W. Hughes
Michael J. Wagner
Roman L. Weil

2. Causation Issues in Expert Testimony 2.1
Lawrence F. Ranallo
Diana L. Weiss

3. The Economics in Accounting for Litigation 3.1
Elizabeth A. Evans

4. Alternative Dispute Resolution 4.1
Patricia D. Tilton


5. Statistical Estimation of Incremental Cost from Accounting Data 5.1
Michael W. Maher
M. Laurentius Marais
William E. Wecker
Roman L. Weil

6. Econometric Analysis 6.1
Mohan P. Rao
Christian D. Tregillis

7. Estimating the Cost of Capital 7.1
Gaurav Jetley
R. Jeffrey Malinak
Laura B. Stamm

8. Ex Ante versus Ex Post Damages Calculations 8.1
Michael J. Wagner
Michael K. Dunbar
Roman L. Weil

9. Prejudgment Interest 9.1
Michael S. Knoll
Jeffrey M. Colón

10. The Flaw of Averages in Law and Accounting 10.1
Sam L. Savage
Marc Van Allen

11. Valuing Losses in New Businesses 11.1
Mark A. Allen
Victoria A. Lazear

12. Business Interruption Insurance Claims 12.1
Joe Anastasi

13. Business Valuation 13.1
Michael A. Crain

Chapter 13 Appendix: Adjusted Present Value (APV) Method
Bonnie J. Goldsmith
Greg Hallman

14. Lost Earnings of Persons 14.1
Randi L. Firus
Keith R. Ugone

15. Punitive Damages 15.1
Peter A. Bicks
Martha N. Corbett
Glenn K. Jones
Gregory N. Phelps

16. Tax Treatment of Damages Awards 16.1
Merle Erickson
James K. Smith


17. Data Management 17.1
David B. Burg
Dyan A. Decker
John C. Moorman


Securities and Accountant Liability

18. Federal Securities Acts and Areas of Expert Analysis 18.1
Nicholas I. Crew
Kevin L. Gold
Marnie A. Moore

19. Accountant Liability 19.1
Christopher D. Barbee
Michael R. Young

Intellectual Property

20. Economic Analysis of Nonpatent Intellectual Property Rights and Damages Measures 20.1
Elizabeth A. Evans
Peter P. Simon

21. Intellectual Property Damages in the Entertainment Industry 21.1
Deborah K. Bothun
Ronald B. Cushey
Bronwyn Dylla
Robert S. Knudsen

22. Patent Infringement Damages 22.1
Peter B. Frank
Vincent E. O'Brien
Michael J. Wagner

23. License Compliance: Performing Royalty Examinations 23.1
Mark W. Haller
David L. Marston
Vincent Torres

Antitrust/ Business Combination

24. Antitrust 24.1
Stephen H. Kalos

25. Disputes in Merger & Acquisition Transactions 25.1
Mark W. Haller
Kevin D. Kreb
Leigh Walton

Construction and Real Property Disputes

26. Construction Claims 26.1
Stephen P. Lechner
Bilge Astarlioglu

27. Quantifying Damages in Real Estate Litigation 27.1
Thomas E. Kabat
Frank A. Voorvaart

Other Civil Litigation

28. The Troubled Business and Bankruptcy 28.1
Grant W. Newton
Gil A. Miller

29. Alter Ego 29.1
Michael J. Wagner
Bonnie J. Goldsmith

30. Employment Litigation 30.1
Ali Saad

31. Federal Contract Disputes 31.1
James W. Thomas


32. Valuation and Division of Marital Property 32.1
Donald A. Glenn

33. Child and Spousal Support Awards 33.1
John D. Zante

34. Marital Dissolution: Professional Goodwill and Related Intangibles 34.1
Donald L. Gursey
Donald John Miod

35. Marital Dissolution: Tracing and Apportionment of Assets 35.1
Donald L. Gursey
Donald A. Glenn

36. Marital Dissolution: Tax Considerations 36.1
Donald L. Gursey
Roseanna L. Purzycki
Brandi N. Brethour


37. Tax Fraud 37.1
Edward M. Robbins, Jr.


38. Financial Statement Investigation 38.1
Steven L. Skalak
Charles R. Hacker, Jr.
Daniel V. Dooley

39. International Investigations 39.1
Frederic R. Miller