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Live Life, Love Work

Kate Burton

ISBN: 978-0-857-08032-5 October 2010 Capstone 208 Pages


The secrets to reclaiming your personal life and enriching your professional life—for the overstretched, overworked, and overanxious

With the boundaries between professional and private life increasingly blurred by mobile technology, most people are simply finding it tougher to enjoy life either at home or at work.

For those looking for a way out of the frustrating maze of daily life, bestselling author and respected communications coach Kate Burton offers the keys to achieving, in both one's professional and private life, a renewed sense of ownership, possibility, and meaning. In Live Life, Love Work, she poses such essential questions as "Whose Life Is It Anyway?" before offering readers an inspiring "Brave Action for Change."

  • Each step outlined in the book is linked to a discussion of one's physical, mental, inner, or spiritual world
  • Other books by Burton: Personal Development All-in-One For Dummies and Building Confidence For Dummies
  • Burton delivers custom-built corporate workshops and seminars for that boost motivation, self-awareness, communication, and health
    For those interested in enriching both their personal and work life, Live Life, Love Work offers practical, insightful tips on how.


1 Setting Off.

2 Physical Energy.

3 Mental Energy.

4 Emotional Energy.

5 Purposeful Energy.

6 Brave Action for Change.

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