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Living in a Changing Society

Living in a Changing Society

PNG Dept of Ed

ISBN: 978-0-701-63186-4

Jan 1994, Jacaranda

80 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Living in a Changing Society is the third term's work of the Grade 10 Provincial High School Social Science course.  It is the fourth topic dealing with the theme of change in the course from Grade 7 through to Grade 10.  The book provides the core learning material for the topic and supporting set of teaching notes is available.  These notes advise teachers on how to make the best use of the book as a resource and as a stimulus to individual innovation.

This book is one of the items of instructional material produced for Provincial High Schools in Papua New Guinea as part of the Education III textbook sub-project.

  • Provides material which integrates the presentation of information, the development of ideas and concepts, the reinforcement of acquired knowledge and skills and the application of particular Social Science skills.
  • Stimulates an enquiring and critical approach.
  • Encourages the making of value judgements and fosters positive attitudes.


Chapter 1: Change in the Past
Chapter 2: The Family in Change
Chapter 3: Changing Roles
Chapter 4: Development and Change
Chapter 5: Changing Technology
Chapter 6: Changing Control
Chapter 7: Changing Control
Chapter 8: Influencing Change

Conclusion:   Choices for the Future