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Living in the Corporate Zoo

Richard Scase

ISBN: 978-1-841-12187-1 April 2002 Capstone 208 Pages


"This powerfully argued book combines excellent analysis of futuretrends with insights into directing and managing the forces ofchange."
- Jim Coulter, Chief Executive, National Housing Federation

"A thought-provoking re-examination of the modern world, itschanging culture, people and lifestyles. Challenging, authoritativeand immensely readable.''
- Prof Gordon Marshall, Chief Executive, Economic and SocialResearch Council

"Who knows what the future holds in store? Richard Scase helps usconsider some possible scenarios. A thought-provoking and enjoyableread."
- Philip Williamson, Chief Executive, Nationwide Building Society

"Scase scores again, looking ahead at what's facing us in thefuture"
- Robert M. Worcester, Chairman, MORI

"Richard Scase has a gift for the trenchant comment that capturesthe unease of our age. In this book he draws together all theglobal economic, business, social and political trends that weperceive but only half-understand and weaves them into a coherentfabric."
- Susan Segal-Horn, Professor of International Strategy, OpenUniversity Business School

"Richard has captured in one slim volume, the latest thinking on'corporatisation' from the global to the personal which only adedicated RSA lecture attendee could hope to acquire over manyyears."
- Penny Egan, Director, Royal Society for the Arts, Manufacturesand Commerce

'A compelling and provocative overview of how we do business andthe business we do in the 21st century. With hallmark insights,Richard Scase offers a banquet of ideas on the new forces that arereshaping corporate life. Easy to read and hard to put down.'
- Ken Robinson, Senior Advisor to the President, J.P. Getty Trust

Section 1: Living in the Global Cage

Section 2: Personal Success in Changing Corporate Realities

Section 3: Organising Disorganisation: Life in the ReinventedCorporation

Section 4: On The Work-Life Tight Rope

Section 5: A Zoo of Lifestyle Tribes

Section 6: Cynical Citizens: The Changing Citizen Mix

"..its a quick read worth making space for." (Management Today,April 2002)

"..the result is a wide ranging and often stimulating read..youwill enjoy and be provoked by the ride.." (Business Voice, April2002)

"A good read ...." (People Management, 30 May 2002)

"...well laid out with a good-sized font. It also containsa useful index..." (Managing Information, March 2003)