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Local Area Network Management, Design and Security: A Practical Approach

Local Area Network Management, Design and Security: A Practical Approach

Arne Mikalsen, Per Borgesen

ISBN: 978-0-471-49769-1 June 2002 462 Pages


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How to use LANs to help your company grow 

A vital component of today’s business, Local Area Networks (LANs) allow organizations to link their computers together for maximum work sharing, collaboration among geographically disparate teams, and other essential business functions. This book helps system administrators and IT professionals set up LANs and Intranets in a way that will contribute to their company’s growth and success. Beginning with the theoretical foundation for LAN operation and design, it covers the applicable data communications principles, then goes on to explore both LAN hardware and infrastructure design, network operating systems, LAN management and security. The book also gives a practical introduction to the world’s most popular network operating systems—Windows 2000, Novell NetWare, and Linux. Finally, the book takes an in-depth look at business and management issues, with special emphasis given to the impact of Intranets on business goals.




Data Communications in Local Area Networks.


Hardware in Local Area Networks.

Designing Local Area Networks.


Local Area Network Operating System.

Management and Security.

Novell Netware.

Windows 2000.



Management Philosophy and Standards for Administration.


The book gives a thorough and practical introduction to a very dynamic
area. It covers the following areas:
  • Data communication in networks - The OSI and TCP/IP model and LAN stan-dards
  • LAN design - both hardware (i.e. server specification) and LAN infrastructure design (hub, switch, router, wiring, etc), wireless LANs
  • Network operating systems (NOS) - important functions in a NOS
  • LAN management and security - users and groups, LAN managers' routines, backup systems and routines, the printing environment, standards for network administration (SNMP, RMON)
  • Intranet theory - how to use networks for exchanging internal information by using Internet technology