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Logistic Optimization of Chemical Production Processes

Logistic Optimization of Chemical Production Processes

Sebastian Engell (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-62278-8 September 2008 298 Pages




In this first book dedicated to the logistics of chemical plants and production processes, authors from academia and industry -- such as Bayer, Degussa, Merck -- provide an overview of the field, incorporating the knowledge and experience gathered over the last 10 years. In so doing, they describe the latest ideas on efficient design, illustrating when to produce which part of the equipment and with which resources, so as to optimize chemical plants for high capacity and flexibility.

This book gives an overview of the state-of-the-art of the whole logistic chain of chemical production processes.

Alongside the fundamentals, tools and algorithms, and integration issues, the book features five significant industrial case studies.
Supply Chains and Supply Chain Management
Logistic Simulation in the Chemical Industry
Logistic Simulation of Pipeless Plants
Planning Large Supply Chain Scenarios with "Quant-based Combinatorial Optimization"
Scheduling and Optimization of a Copper Production Process
Stochastic Tools in Supply Management
Engineered Mixed-Integer Programming in Chemical Batch Scheduling
MILP Optimization Models for Short-term Scheduling of Batch Processes
Uncertainty Conscious Scheduling by Two-Stage Stochastic Optimization
Scheduling Based on Reachability Ananlysis of Timed Automata
Integrated Short and Mid-term Scheduling of Chemical Processes -- A Case Study
Integration of Scheduling with ERP-Systems