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Uwe Graune, Mike Thielert, Ludwig Wenzl

ISBN: 978-3-895-78642-6

Mar 2009

200 pages

Select type: E-Book



With LOGO! a wide range of control tasks can be implemented easily and flexibly - from applications in building and installation technology to tasks in control cabinet construction and in mechanical and instrument engineering. Distributed local control of machines and processes is possible by connecting up a communication module such as AS-Interface.
Many switching devices can be replaced with the eight basic and 28 special functions in the logic module for Micro Automation. This practical book describes in a lively manner how programs are developed and hardware is chosen. It explains the standard situations of control technology on the basis of a guide, but also with many practical project tasks. From the quick start to program simulations, the reader is given comprehensive training on the different basic variants and expansion modules, allowing very flexible and precise adjustment to special tasks. The book includes a CD containing a demo version of LOGO!Soft Comfort, the examples described in the book, and the LOGO! manual in different languages.
1 Quick start.

1.1 Solving of control tasks with LOGO!

1.2 Description of control task.

1.3 Implementation of Control task with LOGO!

1.4 Generation of LOGO! Program.

1.5 Program input directly on LOGO! Module.

1.6 Programming with LOGO!Soft Comfort.

2 Shading of a conservatory.

2.1 Task analysis.

2.2 Hardware configuration.

2.3 Software configuration.

2.4 Expansion of control to automatic mode.

3 Car park the counting function.

3.1 Task description.

3.2 Hardware configuration.

3.3 Software configuration.

4 Grain store (sequential circuit).

4.1 Task description.

4.2 Hardware configuration.

4.3 Software configuration.

4.4 Gain store – export version.

5 Pallet magazine (step sequence).

5.1 Task description.

5.2 Hardware configuration.

5.3 Software configuration.

6 Production Line with AS-Interface.

6.1 Task description.

6.2 Hardware configuration.

6.3 Hardware and software configurations.

6.4 Software configuration.

7 Software projects.

7.1 Autoclave with Pt 100.

7.2 School bell with EIB.

7.3 Analog value processing in a labeling machine.

7.4 Greenhouse with PI controller.

7.5 Drum speed with mathematical function.

7.6 Car wash with LOGO! TD.

7.7 Buffer vessel with PWM.

8 Hardware.

8.1 Control elements and sensors.

8.2 LOGO! Control relays.

8.3 Motor control unit.

8.4 Electropneumatic objects.

9 Logic operations.

9.1 Representations.

9.2 Basic logic operations.

9.3 Constants/terminals.

9.4 Special functions.


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