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Long-Term Results of Arterial Interventions


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Long-Term Results of Arterial Interventions

Alain Branchereau (Editor), Michael Jacobs (Editor), Robert B. Rutherford (Preface by)

ISBN: 978-0-879-93679-2 October 1997 Wiley-Blackwell 328 Pages


This volume is particularly valuable as a current standard reference. It covers all the major vascular operations - carotid endarterectomy, aortoiliac reconstructions and infrainguinal bypasses (in-situ and reversed vein, Dacron and PTFE prosthetic), thoracic and abdominal bypasses - matching each to its competing endovascular procedure.

In addition, it provides excellent long-term data on such less common procedures as internal carotid bypass, vertebral artery revascularization, adjunctive procedures to enhance the patency of infrainguinal prosthetic bypass, and percutaneous intentional extraluminal revascularization. Finally, this framework is reinforced by in-depth chapters on current non-interventional management, surveillance programs to enhance long-term patency, and the ultimate challenge for all practicing vascular surgeons - the management of infected aortic grafts.

Such clear, comprehensive, and current analysis should be of considerable and on-going value, both by helping vascular surgeons to make more effective decisions and to more knowledgeably discuss functional results, complication risks, life expectancy and surgical outcome issues with the patient and family.


Preface (Robert Rutherford).

Foreword (Alain Branchereau, Michael Jacobs).

1. Reporting standards for long-term results of vascular and endovascular surgery (David Bergqvist, Sadettin Karacagil).

2. Long-term results of vascular procedures; medical treatment (Lars Norgren).

3. Long-term surveillance of carotid artery surgical procedures (Michel Reggi, Jean-Michel Jausseran, Michel Ferdani, Francois Houel, Olivier Bayle, Hubert Benichou, Philippe Rudondy).

4. Infrainguinal graft surveillance (Peter Bell).

5. Long-term results of endarterectomy of the carotid bifurcation (Fabien Koskas, Elie Fadel, Hamdi Massoud, Jerôme Cron, Amine Bahnini, Carlo Ruotolo, Edouard Kieffer).

6. Bypass surgery of the internal carotid artery (Jean-Marc Fichelle, Doan Quoc Hong, Francois Cormier, Jean Marzelle, Jean-Michel Cormier).

7. Long-term results of reconstructions of the vertebral artery (Eugenio Rosset, Raouf Ayari, Pierre-Edouard Magnan, Jean-Pierre Mathieu, Bertrand Ede, Alain Branchereau).

8. Long-term results of transthoracic reconstruction of the branches of the aortic arch (Ramon Berguer, Ronald Kline, Mark Morasch).

9. Extrathoracic reconstruction of aortic arch branches (Wilhelm Sandmann, Klaus Grabitz, Tomas Pfeiffer, Ralf Ritter).

10. Bypass procedures for aortoiliac occlusive disease (Andre Nevelsteen, Hendrik Lacroix, Rafael Suy).

11. Late results of aortoiliac endarterectomy (Jose-Maria Capdevila, Juan-Antonio Lopez, Jordi Rancaño, Rafael Abos).

12. Endovascular procedures for aortoiliac occlusive disease (Jim Reekers).

13. Outcome of patients treated for aortic graft infection (Peter Kitslaar, Marcel Barwegen).

14. Descending thoracic aortofemoral bypass for lower limb revascularization (Pierre-Edouard Magnan, Bertrand, Ede, Andrea Ascoli Marchetti, Eugenio Rosset, Jean-Pierre Mathieu, Alain Branchereau).

15. Late results of femorofemoral crossover bypass surgery (AURC & Jean-Baptiste Ricco, Marie-Hélène Bouin-Pineau, Catherine Demarque, Jean-Baptiste Fassier).

16. Long-term results of surgical repair of abdominal aortic aneurysms (Jean-Michel Jausseran, Michel Ferdani, Robert Cataudella, Philippe Rudondy, Enzo Forliti, Jean Rezzi, Michel Reggi).

17. Projections for long-term outcome of endoluminal repair of abdominal aortic aneurysms (James May, Geoffrey H. White, Weiyun Yu, Richard Waugh, Michael Stephen, John P. Harris).

18. Long-term results following thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysm repair (Hazim Safi, Charles Miller, Dimitrios Iliopoulos, Gareth Griffiths).

19. Long-term results of descending thoracic aortic aneurysm repair (Edouard Kieffer).

20. Surgical reconstruction of atherosclerotic renal artery disease (Richard Dean).

21. Surgical reconstruction of fibrodysplasia of the renal artery (Hajo Van Bockel, Cornelis Van Rooden, Jary Van Baalen, Leo Schultze Kool, Peter Chang).

22. Long-term results of renal artery aneurysm repair (Xavier Barral, Jean-Pierre Favre, Philippe Reny, Patrick Feugier).

23. Endovascular treatment of renovascular disease (Willem Mali, Erik Beek, Robert Kaatee, Jaap Beutler, Peter Van Den Ven).

24. Revascularization of the celiac and mesenteric arteries (Jean-Georges Kretz, Nabil Chakfe, Salim Edah-Taly, Francois Levy, Marc Beaufigeau).

25. Infrainguinal reversed venous bypass (Torben Schroeder).

26. Long-term results of in-situ vein grafts (Jacques Watelet, Patrick Soury, Didier Plissonnier, Pierre-Yves Litzler, Christophe Peillon, Jacques Testart).

27. Bypass to the arteries of the ankle and foot (Michael Jacobs, Dink Legemate, Ron Balm).

28. Long-term results of PTFE grafts for femoropopliteal and crural disease (Ian Williams, John Wolfe).

29. Dacron bypass for infrainguinal arterial reconstructions (Torbjørn Dahl, Conrad Lange, Hans Myhre).

30. Infrainguinal prosthetic grafts with distal adjunctive procedures (Peter Harris).

31. Percutaneous transluminal angioplasty of the superficial femoral and popliteal artery (Giorgio Agrifoglio, Livio Gabrielli, Adolfo Constantini, Maurizio Domanin, Antonio Rolli, Piergiorgio Sala).

32. Percutaneous intentional extraluminal recanalization (PIER) of femoropopliteal and tibial arteries (Amman Bolia, Nicholas London, Peter Bell).

33. Arterial allografts in limb salvage procedures (Jean-Luc Magne, Philippe Fayard, Issam Farah, Laurent Voirin, Arald Egelhofer, Carmine Seesa, Pierre Delannoy, Henri Guidicelli)

"...a valuable resource that will be of great help in decisions regarding management of vascular patients. It is highly recommended for and will be an important addition to the personal libraries of vascular specialists." (Doody's Review Service)

"This book is of most value in providing multiple papers on patency for each specific procedure. These are often illuminating because of the enormous range of reported results. The presentation and tables are impeccable, and the English is of a high standard.... I think that this is a useful book for a department of academic vascular surgery to have on its shelves." (Journal of Vascular Surgery)

"The editors are to be congratulated on their enterprise in promoting the 'entente cordiale'." (British Journal of Surger)