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Louisiana: A History, 6th Edition


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Covering the lively, even raucous, history of Louisiana from before First Contact through the Elections of 2012, this sixth edition of the classic Louisiana history survey provides an engaging and comprehensive narrative of what is arguably America’s most colorful state.

  • Since the appearance of the first edition of this classic text in 1984, Louisiana: A History has remained the best-loved and most highly regarded college-level survey of Louisiana on the market
  • Compiled by some of the foremost experts in the field of Louisiana history who combine their own research with recent historical discoveries
  • Includes complete coverage of the most recent events in political and environmental history, including the continued aftermath of Katrina and the 2010 BP oil spill
  • Considers the interrelationship between Louisiana history and that of the American South and the nation as a whole
  • Written in an engaging and accessible style complemented by more than a hundred photographs and maps

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Louisiana: A History, 6e & Louisiana Legacies: Readings in the History of the Pelican State Set

This item: Louisiana: A History, 6th Edition

Louisiana: A History, 6th Edition

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Louisiana Legacies: Readings in the History of the Pelican State

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Map 1 Louisiana viii

Map 2 The United States, with Louisiana highlighted ix

by John C. Rodrigue 1

by Light Townsend Cummins

1 Native Peoples and European Contact 9

2 The Founding of French Louisiana 32

3 Louisiana as a French Colony 52

4 Spanish Louisiana 68

5 The Final Years of Colonial Louisiana 85

Suggested Readings 101

by Judith Kelleher Schafer

6 The Territorial Period 107

7 The Political Development of Antebellum Louisiana 127

8 Life and Labor in Antebellum Louisiana 156

9 Civil War and Reconstruction in Louisiana 197

Suggested Readings 227

by Edward F. Haas

10 Uneasy Interlude, 1877 - 1892 235

11 Bourbonism, Populism, and a Little Progressivism, 1892 - 1924 256

12 The Time of the Kingfish, 1924 - 1935 280

13 The Struggle to Catch Up, 1877 - 1935 301

Suggested Readings 322

by Michael L. Kurtz

14 Corruption, Reform, and Reaction, 1936 - 1950 327

15 Reform and Race, 1950 - 1960 351

16 The Decline of Racism, 1960 - 1972 376

17 The Era of Edwin Edwards, 1972 - 1987 393

18 Louisiana at the End of the Century, 1987 - 2000 418

19 Louisiana in the New Millennium 454

Suggested Readings 478

Appendix I 481

European Rulers with Relation to Louisiana during the Colonial and Territorial Periods 481

Military Commandants and Governors of Louisiana 482

Appendix II 486

A Selective Chronology of Louisiana History 486

Index 493