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Love Is Like Park Avenue

Love Is Like Park Avenue

Alvin Levin, John Ashbery (Introduction), James Reidel (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-811-21799-6

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128 pages

Select type: Paperback

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A magnificent, undiscovered writer, Alvin Levin captured the turbulence of lower-middle-class life in 1930s New York, in that twilight period of the Great Depression and the gathering storm of WWII.

In Love Is Like Park Avenue, Alvin Levin reveals that part of New York society that lived in the Bronx but longed to be in the shadow of skyscrapers -- with the dance bands, celebrities, and socialites; his characters create mirror worlds of love and sex. This fascinating compendium of Levin's writings offers a look at the career of an "outsider artist" who was never able to finish a long novel, yet whose fragments are of heartbreaking intensity and amazing social scope. Love Is Like Park Avenue contains stories, an unfinished novel, and sketches, all of which either appeared in premier literary magazines, with avantgarde small presses, or were discovered unpublished in boxes. Also contained is correspondence with encouraging publishers, offering the portrait of a brilliant writer who never quite found success despite publication in some of the era's most prestigious magazines. These unforgettable fictional accounts of life in Depression-era New York capture the rhythms and tone of his time with intensity, wit, and probing genius.