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LoveSong: The Erotic Photographs of Arnold Skolnick

LoveSong: The Erotic Photographs of Arnold Skolnick

ISBN: 978-1-593-72031-5

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120 pages

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These photographs were taken in the early 1970\'s for a book on sexual love, At a time when people were jailed for depicting acts of intimacy, artist and photographer Arnold Skolnick made some of the most memorable and erotic images of the twentieth century, many far too sophisticated for the book for which they were taken, Of the few that were exhibited at the time, a critic wrote: "These photos give the forms of two people making love the grandeur and power of sculpture. One is, of course, reminded of Rondin". With good reason not to promo9te them, Skolnick stored the negatives and contact sheets away for over thirty years, but he did not forget them. Now, having reached his seventieth birthday, Skolnick has gone back to the work, to produce an extraordinarily beautiful lovesong - a lush and high sensual celebration of the union of man and woman.