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Low Energy Ion-Surface Interactions

Low Energy Ion-Surface Interactions

J. Wayne Rabalais (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-93891-0

May 1994

610 pages

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Low Energy Ion--Surface Interactions Edited by J. Wayne Rabalais, University of Houston, Texas, USA Recent advances in experimental techniques and theoretical methodologies mean that increasingly detailed and sophisticated studies of state--or energy--selected molecular ions can now be performed. Each volume in this series will be dedicated to reviewing a specific topic, emphasizing new experimental and theoretical developments in the study of ions. This volume details the current understanding of Low Energy Ion--Surface Interactions, along with some of the novel applications. Each of the ten chapters is authored by active researchers in the field who are at the forefront of research in their particular areas. This up-to-date compilation, detailing developments occurring within the last five years, will be particularly useful to researchers and teachers involved with Low Energy Ion--Surface Interactions.
Partial table of contents:

Quantitative Intensity Analysis of Low-Energy Scattering and Recoiling from Crystal Surfaces (R. Williams).

Ion Scattering and Recoiling for Elemental Analysis and Structure Determination (P. Bertrand & J. Rabalais).

Theoretical Description of Charge Transfer in Atom-Surface Collisions (H. Shao, et al.).

Electron Emission from Slow Ion-Solid Interactions (R. Baragiola).

Scattering and Charge-Transfer Dynamics in Low- and Hyperthermal-Energy Alkali-Ion-Surface Collisions (B. Cooper & E. Behringer).

The Interaction of Molecular Ions with Surfaces (W. Heiland).

Sputtering of Metals and Insulators with Hyperthermal Singly and Doubly Charged Rare-Gas Ions (P. Varga & U. Diebold).

Film Deposition from Low-Energy Ion Beams (D. Marton).