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Low-Frequency Waves in Space Plasmas



Low-Frequency Waves in Space Plasmas

Andreas Keiling, Dong-Hun Lee, Valery Nakariakov

ISBN: 978-1-119-05503-7 February 2016 American Geophysical Union 528 Pages

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Low-frequency waves in space plasmas have been studied for several decades, and our knowledge gain has been incremental with several paradigm-changing leaps forward. In our solar system, such waves occur in the ionospheres and magnetospheres of planets, and around our Moon. They occur in the solar wind, and more recently, they have been confirmed in the Sun’s atmosphere as well. The goal of wave research is to understand their generation, their propagation, and their interaction with the surrounding plasma. Low-frequency Waves in Space Plasmas presents a concise and authoritative up-to-date look on where wave research stands: What have we learned in the last decade? What are unanswered questions? 

While in the past waves in different astrophysical plasmas have been largely treated in separate books, the unique feature of this monograph is that it covers waves in many plasma regions, including:

  • Waves in geospace, including ionosphere and magnetosphere
  • Waves in planetary magnetospheres
  • Waves at the Moon
  • Waves in the solar wind
  • Waves in the solar atmosphere 

Because of the breadth of topics covered, this volume should appeal to a broad community of space scientists and students, and it should also be of interest to astronomers/astrophysicists who are studying space plasmas beyond our Solar System.

Contributors vii

A. Keiling, D.-H. Lee, and V. Nakariakovxi

Section I: Ionosphere 1

1 Energetic Particle]Driven ULF Waves in the Ionosphere
T. K. Yeoman, M. K. James, D. Yu. Klimushkin, and P. N. Mager 3

2 ULF Waves and Transients in the Topside Ionosphere
V. A. Pilipenko and B. Heilig 15

3 Low]Frequency Waves in HF Heating of the Ionosphere
A. S. Sharma, B. Eliasson, G. M. Mlikh, A. Najmi, K. Papadopoulos, X. Shao, and A. Vartanyan 31

Section II: Inner Magnetosphere 51

4 ULF Waves in the Inner Magnetosphere
K. Takahashi 53

5 EMIC Waves in the Inner Magnetosphere
M. E. Usanova, I. R. Mann, and F. Darrouzet 65

6 Relationship between Chorus and Plasmaspheric Hiss Waves
J. Bortnik, L. Chen, W. Li, R. M. Thorne, Y. Nishimura, V. Angelopoulos, and C. A. Kletzing 79

Section III: Auroral Region 99

7 ULF Waves above the Nightside Auroral Oval during Substorm Onset
I. J. Rae and C. E. J. Watt 101

8 Relationship between Alfvén Wave and Quasi]Static Acceleration in Earth’s Auroral Zone
Fabrice Mottez 121

Section IV: Magnetotail 139

9 ULF Wave Modes in the Earth’s Magnetotail
M. Volwerk 141

10 MHD Oscillations in the Earth’s Magnetotail: Theoretical Studies
A. S. Leonovich, V. A. Mazur, and D. A. Kozlov 161

11 Low]Frequency Waves in the Tail Reconnection Region
I. Shinohara, M. Fujimoto, T. Nagai, S. Zenitani, and H. Kojima 181

Section V: Magnetopause 193

12 ULF Waves at the Magnetopause
F. Plaschke 195

13 Role of Low]Frequency Boundary Waves in the Dynamics of the Dayside Magnetopause and the Inner Magnetosphere
K.]J. Hwang and D. G. Sibeck 213

Section VI: Solar Wind 241

14 MHD Waves in the Solar Wind
L. Ofman 243

15 Ion Cyclotron Waves in the Solar Wind
H. Y. Wei, L. K. Jian, C. T. Russell, and N. Omidi 253

16 Low Frequency Waves at and Upstream of Collisionless Shocks
L. B. Wilson, III 269

Section VII: Moon 293

17 ULF/ELF Waves in Near]Moon Space
Tomoko Nakagawa 295

18 Upstream Waves and Particles at the Moon
Y. Harada and J. S. Halekas 307

Section VIII: Planetary Magnetospheres 323

19 ULF Waves at Mercury
E.]H. Kim, S. A. Boardsen, J. R. Johnson, and J. A. Slavin 325

20 Ultra]Low]Frequency Waves at Venus and Mars
E. Dubinin and M. Fraenz 343

21 A Review of the Low]Frequency Waves in the Giant Magnetospheres
P. A. Delamere 365

Section IX: Solar Corona 379

22 Global Coronal Waves
P. F. Chen 381

23 Waves in Solar Coronal Loops
T. J. Wang 395

24 MHD Waves in Coronal Holes
D. Banerjee and S. Krishna Prasad 419

Section X: Solar Photosphere and Chromosphere 431

25 MHD Wave Modes Resolved in Fine]Scale Chromospheric Magnetic Structures
G. Verth and D. B. Jess 433

26 Ultra]High]Resolution Observations of MHD Waves in Photospheric Magnetic Structures
D. B. Jess and G. Verth 449

27 MHD Wave in Sunspots
Robert Sych 467

28 p]Mode Interaction with Sunspots
P. S. Cally, H. Moradi, and S. P. Rajaguru 489

Index 503