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John Allman PhD

ISBN: 978-0-811-21710-1

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120 pages

Select type: Paperback

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John Allman\'s new collection Lowcountry is a hymn to nature, as experienced during his winter stays in the rich and verdant Southern coaster region known as the Low Country, stretching from Charleston to Savannah. These poems celebrate the flora and fauna of that area, involving its art and history, as the poet also explores meanings arising from his own past and present. Lowcountry presents a surging array at once narrative and lyric - mediations on the heraldic great blue heron, a trio of works focused on the Civil War, hymns to married love, poems about his daughter\'s pregnancy and the birth of her twin girls as well as poems relating to the events on 9/11. The motifs of journey and returns are everywhere in evidence.