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Luminescence: From Theory to Applications

Luminescence: From Theory to Applications

Cornelis R. Ronda (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-62106-4

Nov 2007

276 pages


In this, the only up-to-date book on this key technology, the number-one expert in the field perfectly blends academic knowledge and industrial applications.
Adopting a didactical approach, Professor Ronda discusses all the underlying principles, such that both researchers as well as beginners in the field will profit from this book. The focus is on the inorganic side and the phenomena of luminescence behind the manifold applications illustrated here, including displays, LEDs, lamps, and medical applications.
Valuable reading for chemists and electrochemists, as well as materials scientists, those working in the optical and chemical industry, plus lamp and lighting manufacturers.
Lamp and Display Phosphors
VUV Phosphors and LED Phosphors
Quantum Cutting Systems
Up-conversion Phosphors
Organic LEDs
Storage and Afterglow Phosphors