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MACSYMA for Statisticians

Barbara Heller

ISBN: 978-0-471-62590-2 June 1991 264 Pages


Complements the MACSYMA program by showing professionals as well as students how to use it quickly and easily, thus enabling them to perform ordinarily complicated and cumbersome mathematical procedures with a computer rather than by hand. User friendly, it allows for quick assimilation of the program and its features, relying on expository material, examples and exercises with answers. Many of the examples explain how to solve statistical problems that are difficult to do by hand and also difficult to get the computer to figure out using the manual included with the program.
Getting Started.

Variables, Lists, Equations, Functions, and Arrays.

Iteration, Conditionals, Blocks, and Recursion.

Part Selection, Substitution, and Ev.

Internal Representation, Storage, General Utilities.

Matrices and Lists.

Advanced Uses of MACSYMA.


Answers to the Exercises.