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MAT For Dummies

MAT For Dummies

Vince Kotchian, Edwin Kotchian

ISBN: 978-1-118-59203-8

Apr 2013

360 pages



Score your highest on the MAT? Easy.

The MAT exam is one of the hardest intellectual challenges in the field of standardized testing. Students preparing to take this exam need a chance to practice the analogy skills necessary to score well on this test, which MAT For Dummies provides with its six full-length practice tests and plethora of other test preparation suggestions.

MAT For Dummies includes test-specific analogy strategies, practice and review for each content area, word/terms lists covering the major subject categories, and six practice tests with detailed answer banks.

  • Goes beyond content knowledge and teaches you the test-taking skills you need to maximize your score
  • Includes six full-length practice tests with complete answer explanations
  • Helps you score high on MAT exam day

If you're a potential graduate student preparing for the MAT, this hands-on, friendly guide helps you score higher.

Introduction 1

Part I: Introducing the MAT: Learning about Analogies, Planning, and Test-Taking 5

Chapter 1: All About the MAT 7

Chapter 2: Analogies from A to Z 15

Chapter 3: Types of Analogies and How to Solve Them 25

Chapter 4: Creating a Smart MAT Preparation Plan 41

Part II: Conquering the Content: Reviewing Vocabulary, Knowledge, and Culture 51

Chapter 5: Working with Words and Language 53

Chapter 6: Handling the Humanities 73

Chapter 7: Studying the Social Sciences 97

Chapter 8: Studying Science and Math 117

Part III: MAT Practice Exams 135

Chapter 9: MAT Practice Test #1 137

Chapter 10: Answers to MAT Practice Test #1 149

Chapter 11: MAT Practice Test #2 155

Chapter 12: Answers to MAT Practice Test #2 167

Chapter 13: MAT Practice Test #3 173

Chapter 14: Answers to MAT Practice Test #3 185

Chapter 15: MAT Practice Test #4 191

Chapter 16: Answers to MAT Practice Test #4 203

Chapter 17: MAT Practice Test #5 209

Chapter 18: Answers to MAT Practice Test #5 221

Chapter 19: MAT Practice Test #6 227

Chapter 20: Answers to MAT Practice Test #6 239

Part IV: The Part of Tens 245

Chapter 21: Ten Tried-and-True Test Tips 247

Chapter 22: Ten Ways to Fight off Test-Related Anxiety 251

Part V: The Appendixes 255

Appendix A: Graduate Level Vocabulary 257

Appendix B: Making the MAT Work for You 319

Index 323