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MATLAB For Dummies

Jim Sizemore, John Paul Mueller

ISBN: 978-1-118-82010-0 November 2014 432 Pages


Plot graphs, solve equations, and write code in a flash!

If you work in a STEM field, chances are you'll be using MATLAB on a daily basis. MATLAB is a popular and powerful computational tool and this book provides everything you need to start manipulating and plotting your data. MATLAB has rapidly become the premier data tool, and MATLAB For Dummies is a comprehensive guide to the fundamentals. MATLAB For Dummies guides you through this complex computational language from installation to visualization to automation.

  • Learn MATLAB's language fundamentals including syntax, operators, and data types
  • Understand how to use the most important window in MATLAB – the Command Window
  • Get the basics of linear algebra to get up and running with vectors, matrices, and hyperspace
  • Automate your work with programming scripts and functions
  • Plot graphs in 2D and 3D to visualize your data
  • Includes a handy guide for MATLAB's functions and plotting routines

MATLAB is an essential part of the analysis arsenal and MATLAB For Dummies provides clear, thorough guidance to get the most out of your data.

Introduction  1

Part I: Getting Started With MATLAB 5

Chapter 1: Introducing MATLAB and Its Many Uses  7

Chapter 2: Starting Your Copy of MATLAB  19

Chapter 3: Interacting with MATLAB  37

Chapter 4: Starting, Storing, and Saving MATLAB Files  59

Part II: Manipulating and Plotting Data in MATLAB  79

Chapter 5: Embracing Vectors, Matrices, and Higher Dimensions  81

Chapter 6: Understanding Plotting Basics  115

Chapter 7: Using Advanced Plotting Features 135

Part III: Streamlining MATLAB  151

Chapter 8: Automating Your Work  153

Chapter 9: Expanding MATLAB’s Power with Functions  171

Chapter 10: Adding Structure to Your Scripts  193

Part IV: Employing Advanced MATLAB Techniques 213

Chapter 11: Importing and Exporting Data  215

Chapter 12: Printing and Publishing Your Work  233

Chapter 13: Recovering from Mistakes  257

Part V: Specific MATLAB Applications  277

Chapter 14: Solving Equations and Finding Roots  279

Chapter 15: Performing Analysis  307

Chapter 16: Creating Super Plots  319

Part VI: The Part of Tens  351

Chapter 17: Top Ten Uses of MATLAB  353

Chapter 18: Ten Ways to Make a Living Using MATLAB  361

Appendix A: MATL AB Functions  367

Appendix B: MATLAB’s Plotting Routines  377

Index  385

MATLAB Sample Code