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MCAD / MCSD: Visual Basic .NET Windows and Web Applications Study Guide: Exams 70-305 and 70-306

MCAD / MCSD: Visual Basic .NET Windows and Web Applications Study Guide: Exams 70-305 and 70-306

Brian Reisman, Mitch Ruebush

ISBN: 978-0-782-15177-0

Feb 2006

896 pages

Select type: E-Book


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Here's the book you need to prepare for the Developing Web Applications (70-305) and Developing Windows-based Applications (70-306) MCAD and MCSD exams. This Study Guide provides:
  • In-depth coverage of official exam objectives
  • Practical information on using Visual Basic .NET to develop Windows and Web applications
  • Hands-on exercises designed to give you the skills needed to approach the exams with confidence

Authoritative coverage of all exam objectives, including:

  • Creating user services
  • Creating and managing components and .NET assemblies
  • Consuming and manipulating data
  • Testing and debugging
  • Configuring, deploying, supporting, and securing Windows-based and Web applications

Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.


Assessment Test.

Part I: Visual Basic .NET Overview.

Chapter 1: A .NET Framework Overview.

Chapter 2: An Overview of Object-Oriented Programming.

Chapter 3: Handling Errors with Visual Basic .NET.

Chapter 4: ADO.NET.

Chapter 5: Other Data Sources.

Chapter 6: Working with Components.

Part II: Developing Windows Applications with Visual Basic .NET.

Chapter 7: Windows Forms.

Chapter 8: Working with Windows Controls.

Chapter 9: Windows Accessibility and Usability.

Chapter 10: Configuring and Securing Windows Applications.

Chapter 11: Testing, Debugging, and Optimizing Windows Applications.

Chapter 12: Deploying Windows Applications.

Part III: Developing Web Applications with Visual Basic .NET.

Chapter 13: Web Forms.

Chapter 14: Web Controls.

Chapter 15: Configuring and Securing Web Applications.

Chapter 16: Testing, Debugging, and Optimizing Web Applications.

Chapter 17: Deploying Web Applications.


Download All Code Used in the Book
Download a .zip file with all the source code and examples used in the book.
To uncompress the file, Windows users can use Windows built-in ZIP utilities or a 3rd party utility like WinZip or WinRAR. Macintosh users can simply double-click the downloaded file to extract using the built-in archive utility.
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Combined Errata

Page 56

Polymorphism, 2nd paragraph, should read " In Exercise 2.6 you used interface inheritance..."

Page Authors Note

VS 2002 and VS 2003 look for a file called “app.config”
VS 2002 and VS 2003 look for a file called “app.config” in the project's source folder. When you launch the debugger, the IDE takes a copy of that file, renames it to “yourappname.exe.config”, and copies it into the executing directory. If you don't have the “app.config” in your project and try to create your own “myappname.exe.config”, VS 2003 doesn't play nice and it will delete the copy of the config file you tried to create. VS2002 plays a bit nicer and leaves your file alone.
I believe that the behavior changed either during a SPack or between 2002 and 2003