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MCSA/MCSE: Windows® 2000 Network Management Study Guide: Exam 70-218

MCSA/MCSE: Windows® 2000 Network Management Study Guide: Exam 70-218

Michael Chacon, James Chellis, Anil Desai, Matthew Sheltz

ISBN: 978-0-782-14105-4

Jun 2002

769 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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Here's the book you need to prepare for Exam 70-218, Managing a Microsoft Windows 2000 Network Environment.

This study guide provides:

  • In-depth coverage of official exam objectives
  • Practical information on managing a Windows 2000 network
  • Hundreds of challenging review questions, in the book and on the CD
  • Leading-edge exam preparation software, including a testing engine, flashcards, and simulation software.

Authoritative coverage of all exam objectives, including:

  • Creating, configuring, securing, and troubleshooting file, print, and web resources
  • Configuring, administering, and troubleshooting the network infrastructure
  • Managing servers and client computers
  • Configuring, securing, and troubleshooting remote access
  • Managing and troubleshooting active directory organizational units and group policy

Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.


Assessment Test.

Chapter 1: Installing and Configuring Network Protocols.

Chapter 2: Managing the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol.

Chapter 3: Windows 2000 Network Naming Services.

Chapter 4: Active Directory¿s Logical and Physical Structure.

Chapter 5: Administering Active Directory.

Chapter 6: Active Directory Security.

Chapter 7: Managing Group Policy.

Chapter 8: Software Deployment through Group Policy.

Chapter 9: Managing Client and Server Computers.

Chapter 10: Managing Remote Access.

Chapter 11: Configuring Advanced Remote Access Features.

Chapter 12: Managing Terminal Services and IIS.



ChapterPageDetailsDatePrint Run
Combined Errata

Page 0 CD

Edge Tests, Chapter 5, # 15 of 15, The test screen gives you a choice of only 1 answer. The question has 3 answers A, B, & C.

Page 0CD

Bonus Exam 1 , Question #24, see detailed description
The correct figure should look like:

Bonus 1, Question # 39,
The graphic should look like:

Bonus 1, Question #39, The correct answer is A

Page 34

Under NOTE, ipconfig DOES work on Windows ME

Page 36

Under ARP, 2nd para., 1st sentence should read: ARP maps IP addresses to node names
Last paragraph should read:
"A related protocol, RARP (Reverse Address Resolution Protocol), performs the same functions in reverse; that is, given a node name, it determines the corresponding IP address."

Page 37

Table 1.4 Change the -s entry in table 1.4 on page 37 to the following: -s ipaddress macaddress

Page 40

Change TCP/IP includes a protocol... to IP includes a protocol...

Page 71

3rd Paragraph, 3rd line ,
Sentence to read:

"If no DHCP server responds within that time, the client repeats its request
four times at intervals of 2, 4, 8, and 16 seconds, plus a random amount of
time between 0 and 1,000 milliseconds."
Installing DHCP Stage Two:,
Delete the following statment:

"The Windows 2000 DHCP server registers itself in Active Directory,
and it won't begin offering leases until it successfully registers in
the directory."

Page 75

Installing DHCP - 1st Paragraph, Lines 4-5,
The sentence should read:

After adding the exclusion from to, you're left with 255 - 15 = 240 IP addresses in the pool

Page 91

Step 2 of EXERCISE 2.4 should read: :

2. Follow the instructions in exercise 2.3 to create two scopes: one for - and one for -

Page 98

Under ipconfig /renew, last sentence should read It initiates ..............., and accepts the first lease it receives.

Page 104

Review Ques. #1, 6th line, 'TPC/IP' should be TCP/IP

Page 144

Ex. 3.2, Step #6, 2nd sentence should read: ...contain mappings of DNS names to IP addresses.

Page 146

Under General on the 2nd and 3rd lines the text reads Using this tab (see Figure 3.9), you can pause the DNS service. Change it to can pause the current DNS zone. When the zone is paused, it continues to run, but clients cannot complete name resolution requests from this zone.

Page 278

Under Step # 6, Corporate OU structure shown still includes the Engineering OU, which was supposed to be deleted in Step 2 of the exercise.

Page 475

Answer and Explanation for Question # 10. .

Question #10 states that publishing makes applications available for automatic installation, but on question #1 assigning applications makes them available for automatic installation. Please
inform me of the correct answer.


This is a fairly tricky question. The answer is indeed B and D, but the explanation is slightly misleading. Please change the first sentence of the explanation to:

"You should publish the application because applications should not be automatically installed unless a user selects a specific file type."

Matt Sheltz

Page 695

Answer to Review Question #1, last sentence should read ...installed on the public side of the network.

Page 712

Under Installing IIS, 1st sentence in error.
Please change the sentence to read:
"IIS is installed on Windows 2000 Server by default. You may need to install IIS manually if you chose not to install it during the normal Windows 2000 installation process or if you upgraded a previous version of Windows that
did not have IIS installed."