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MCSD Certification Toolkit (Exam 70-483): Programming in C#

MCSD Certification Toolkit (Exam 70-483): Programming in C#

Tiberiu Covaci, Rod Stephens, Vincent Varallo, Gerry O'Brien

ISBN: 978-1-118-72950-2

May 2013

648 pages



A perfectly crafted prep guide that prepares you for the MCSD 70-483

The MCSD 70-483 exam is the entry-level Microsoft certification exam for C# developers and this must-have resource offers essential coverage of the exam that will test your competency in C# programming. Each chapter covers one of the core subject domains that comprise the exam. Among the authors are experienced trainers who advised Microsoft on the development of its certification programs, affording them a unique understanding of both the objectives and what it takes to master them. This invaluable knowledge is passed to you so that you will not only be prepared to take the exam, but also become a better C# developer

  • Features a step-by-step lab tutorial for each lesson covered in the book, encouraging you to practice what you've just learned in order to reinforce your learning
  • Includes an accompanying website that includes more than 100 simulated test questions and answers
  • Shares solutions to the hands-on labs presented in the book
  • Contains complete sample code
  • Offers a unique author approach that not only teaches you how to answer a set of exam questions but also provides you with an understanding of the underlying concepts and skills needed to succeed as a professional C# programmer

MCSD Certification Toolkit is all you need to fully prepare for exam 70-483!

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Introduction xxvii

Chapter 1: Introducing the Programming C# Certification 1

Chapter 2: Basic Program Structure 19

Chapter 3: Working with the Type System 59

Chapter 4: Using Types 113

Chapter 5: Creating and Implementing Class Hierarchies 161

Chapter 6: Working with Delegates, Events, and Exceptions 575

Chapter 7: Multithreading and Asynchronous Processing 577

Chapter 8: Creating and Using Types with Reflection, Custom Attributes, the CodeDOM, and Lambda Expressions 578

Chapter 9: Working with Data 361

Chapter 10: Working with Language Integrated Query (LINQ) 431

Chapter 11: Input Validation, Debugging, and Instrumentation 469

Chapter 12: Using Encryption and Managing Assemblies 527

Appendix: Answers to Sample Test Questions 571

Index 587

Complete code downloads and sample test questions for MCSD Certification Toolkit
Cheat Sheets and Key Terms from MCSD Certification Toolkit
ChapterPageDetailsDatePrint Run
2Error in Chapter 2 Code,Chapter 2 source code should read:

 // sample propety syntax  class Student {  private firstName;  public string FirstName  {  get {return firstName;}  set { firstName = value;}  } } 
1Error in Text,Currently reads:

toward your MCPD certification

Should read:

toward your MCSD certification
20Error in Text,Currently reads: You will learn what statements are and how to construct them your code.
Should read: You will learn what statements are and how to construct them in your code.
228Errata in Text,The comment in the code currently reads:
//if the value in num mod 2 is equal to zero, the operator will return
//the string even indicating an even number, otherwise it will return
//the string false
The last line should read:
//the string odd
229Error in Code,Code currently reads: WriteLine

Code in chapter currently reads: Writeline

These should both read: WriteLine

233Error in Text,Paragraph following Code Lab Analysis:

Currently reads: and then waiting for you press a key
Should read: and then waiting for you to press a key
38Error in Code,Code currently reads: WriteLine

Code in chapter currently reads: Writeline

These should both read: WriteLine

40Error in Text,Second paragraph currently reads:

...operators like ++, ==, +=, *=, and so on...

Should read:

...operators like ++, --, +=, *=, and so on...
42Error in Text,Paragraph 2 currently reads:

... ~DH is the decrement ...

Should read:

... -- is the decrement ...
49Error in Code,10th line of the Code Lab should read:
�(int i = 10; i > 0; i--)�
49Error in Code,page 49:

Currently reads: (int i = 10; i > 0; i~DH)

Should read: (int i = 10; i > 0; i--)
50Error in Text and Source Code,On page 50 and in the source code for the lab:

Currently reads: foeach over an array of integers

Should read: foreach over an array of integers
50Error in Code,In the Serialization project, in the Program.cs file:

The following line should be added after line 40:
361Error in Text,Table 3-2:
The entry for type long needs a minus sign, - , in front of the first number.
It should read: -9,223,372,036,854,775,808 to 9,223,372,036,854,775,807
61Error in Text,Table 3-2:

Column 3 heading currently reads: Size
Column 3 heading should read: Size/Precision
362Error in Text,First sentence in first paragraph:

Currently reads: date
should read: data
( be of the specific data type )
Then, in the Advice From the Experts Section , 4th line:

Currently reads: on
Should read: in
( However, data types in C# )