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MIS Cases: Solving Small Business Scenarios Using Application Software, 2nd Edition

MIS Cases: Solving Small Business Scenarios Using Application Software, 2nd Edition

Cynthia Gardner, Eugene Rathswohl

ISBN: 978-1-118-29161-0

Oct 2012

168 pages

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Written to provide hands-on cases for use in conjunction with an Introduction to IS/MIS text, MIS Cases: Solving Small Business Scenarios Using Application Software, Second Edition provides opportunities for business students to apply Microsoft Office skills as part of the Intro IS/MIS course. Gardner/Rathswohl is a brief casebook containing twenty-two small business case scenarios that teach students problem-solving and hands-on skills in Excel, Access, and website design.

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CHAPTER 1 Access—Tables and Forms 3

Case 1 Up the Hill Bakery 3

Case 2 Dr. Garrett’s Chiropractic Office 10

Case 3 Home Town Realty 16

CHAPTER 2 Access—Queries and Reports 24

Case 4 Up the Hill Bakery 24

Case 5 Earth Foods Grocery Store 33

Case 6 Destination Corporate Event

Planning, Inc. 40

CHAPTER 3 Access—Advanced Queries and Reports 47

Case 7 Up the Hill Bakery 47

Case 8 Sun and Beach Clothing 55

Case 9 Just Breathe Yoga Center 62


CHAPTER 4 Excel—Spreadsheet Basics 81

Case 10 Up the Hill Bakery 81

Case 11 Celebrations for Charity 87

Case 12 Dr. William Gardner’s Dental Office 92

CHAPTER 5 Excel—Intermediate Design Techniques 98

Case 13 Up the Hill Bakery 98

Case 14 JB Bike Rental 108

Case 15 Torero Tennis Team 114

CHAPTER 6 Excel—Advanced Design Techniques 121

Case 16 Up the Hill Bakery 121

Case 17 Maxine’s Travel Agency 131

Case 18 Thomas Paul Investment, Inc. 137


CHAPTER 7 Website Design 145

Case 19 Up the Hill Bakery 145

Case 20 Bella Spa 150

Case 21 Legends 153

Index 157

  • Discussion questions at the end of each case challenge students' critical thinking skills and encourage a higher level of analytical reasoning.
  • All cases updated to Microsoft Office 2010.
  • Each chapter includes a teaching case for class demonstration and two assignment cases that match the skill set of the teaching case.
  • Skill level for each set of cases progresses from beginning to intermediate to advanced.

           Each case features the following pedagogy:

  • Preview—Provides a quick synopsis of the small business case and what is to be accomplished within the case.
  • Skill Set—Lists the skills that will be covered within the case and the skills that should be utilized in completing the assignment following the case. 
  • Background—Provides a complete description and an expanded explanation of the desired goal of the small business scenario.