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MRI: Basic Principles and Applications, 3rd Edition

MRI: Basic Principles and Applications, 3rd Edition

Mark A. Brown, Richard C. Semelka

ISBN: 978-0-471-46793-9

Jan 2005

280 pages

Select type: O-Book


This new edition of the most accessible introduction to MRI principles and applications provides understandable yet comprehensive coverage including the latest developments in this fast paced field. It offers the only such concise overview of magnetic resonance physics, imaging techniques, hardware, and applications available. This Third Edition includes dozens of brand new images to support the text, as well as added discussions on 3D imaging, real time imaging, cardiac imaging, and parallel acquisition techniques. Clinical protocols have been thoroughly updated and revised to reflect current methodologies.
Preface to the Third Edition.

Preface to the Second Edition.

Preface to the First Edition.

1. Production of Net Magnetization.

2. Concepts of Magnetic Resonance.

3. Relaxation.

4. Principles of Magnetic Resonance Imaging—Part 1.

5. Principles of Magnetic Resonance Imaging—Part 2.

6. Pulse Sequences.

7. Measurement Parameters and Image Contrast.

8. Additional Sequence Modifications.

9. Artifacts.

10. Motion Artifact Reduction Techniques.

11. Magnetic Resonance Angiography.

12. Advanced Imaging Applications.

13. Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy.

14. Instrumentation.

15. Contrast Agents.

16. Clinical Applications.

17. References and Suggested Readings.


"...a useful tool for those engaged in the technical aspects of MRI...a practical basic guide for general radiologists, technologists and their students." (The International MS Journal, September 2004)

"...successful in transferring key ideas in an undaunting and progressive manner...thoroughly deserves a place on the bookshelf..." (NMR in Biomedicine, Vol 17(4), June 2004)

"…it will reward the reader with an understanding of the principles underpinning nuclear magnetic resonance." (Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine, May 2003)