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MSP For Dummies



MSP For Dummies

Alan Ferguson

ISBN: 978-1-118-74638-7 April 2014 416 Pages

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Programme management is the coordinated organisation and implementation of a portfolio of projects and activities that help your business achieve its strategic objectives. Good programme management is the key to managing transformational change and, in today’s business environment, the organisations that can transform themselves are more likely to succeed.

Managing Successful Programmes For Dummies is your plain-English guide to implementing and using the proven MSP method. It provides a structured framework that helps you coordinate your projects and achieve your goals.  The book takes you through every step of programme management and inside you’ll find:

  • What’s involved in a programme - and how it differs from a project!
  • An overview of the structure of MSP
  • Full explanations of MSP principles, governance themes and transformational flow
  • Planning and making a business case for your programme
  • The key roles and responsibilities in programme management
  • The lifecycle of a programme - from conception to delivery
  • Quality and risk management in your programme
  • Working with stakeholders
  • All about the MSP Qualifications

Introduction 1

Part I: Getting Started with Managing Successful Programmes 5

Chapter 1: Introducing Programme Management: Projects, Programmes and MSP 7

Chapter 2: Understanding What’s Involved in a Programme 19

Chapter 3: Identifying a Programme 39

Chapter 4: Focusing on the Principles of Programme Management 51

Part II: Moving Forward with Managing Your Programme 67

Chapter 5: Creating Your Programme’s Vision 69

Chapter 6: Building Up a Blueprint 77

Chapter 7: Details, Details: Honing Your Programme 95

Chapter 8: Documenting the Business Case for Your Programme 113

Part III: Managing Multiple Projects 125

Chapter 9: Organizing a Programme: Who does What 127

Chapter 10: Planning and Controlling Your Programme 153

Chapter 11: Managing Risk in Your Programme 173

Chapter 12: Resolving Issues and Keeping Track of Detail 197

Chapter 13: Achieving Quality in Your Programme 211

Part IV: Out in Business as Usual: Exploiting Projects’ Capabilities 227

Chapter 14: Keeping ’em Sweet: Engaging Your Stakeholders 229

Chapter 15: Getting Started with Benefits Management: Modelling the Benefits 253

Chapter 16: Reaping the Benefits: Measuring Your Outcomes 275

Chapter 17: Leading People Through Change as the Programme Delivers 285

Part V: Step by Step in Your Programme 295

Chapter 18: Managing a Tranche 297

Chapter 19: Managing Projects within a Programme: Delivering Capability 309

Chapter 20: All Change: Realizing the Benefits through Transition 321

Chapter 21: Closing a Programme 331

Part VI: The Part of Tens 337

Chapter 22: Ten Reasons Why Change Initiatives Go Wrong 339

Chapter 23: Ten Reasons to Run an Initiative as a Programme 345

Chapter 24: Ten Great Ways to Manage Benefits 351

Part VII: Appendixes 357

Appendix A: Looking into MSP Qualifications 359

Appendix B: Glossary of the Main MSP Terms 367

Index 377