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MYOB Software For Dummies, 7th Australian Edition

MYOB Software For Dummies, 7th Australian Edition

Veechi Curtis

ISBN: 978-1-742-16998-9

Apr 2012

496 pages


Your complete guide to MYOB® AccountRight software
Now in its seventh edition, MYOB® Software For Dummies walks you through everything you need to know, from starting your MYOB® file from scratch and recording payments and receipts, to tracking profit and analysing sales. This new edition includes all the information you need on the new generation of MYOB® AccountRight software, including the new cloud computing features.

• Set up MYOB® software - understand how to make it work the first time
• Keep track of purchases and sales - monitor customer accounts and ensure you get paid on time
• Get to grips with payroll - know what your responsibilities are for tax, superannuation and leave entitlements
• Prepare Business Activity Statements - save time with electronic lodgements
• Compile business reports - track your profitability and analyse your sales
• Upgrade with ease - get expert advice on the easiest way to upgrade to the new MYOB® AccountRight releases
• Move your books to ‘the cloud'- access your business information from wherever you are.

Open the book and find:
• Simple explanations of key activities and tasks
• Information about the latest versions of all components of MYOB® AccountRight
• Advice for upgrading to the new MYOB® AccountRight software
• Tips for increasing the speed of entering regular transactions
• Fail-safe methods for accurately starting a new financial year
• Guidance for mastering tricky payroll transactions
• Descriptions of how to run your software in ‘the cloud'

Veechi Curtis is a qualified accountant and consultant who specialises in teaching small businesses about technology and finance. She is the author of several business titles, including Small Business For Dummies, Bookkeeping For Dummies and QuickBooks® For Dummies.

Introduction 1

Part I: The Building Blocks 7

Chapter 1: Starting from Scratch 9

Chapter 2: Accounts, Customers and Suppliers 29

Part II: Everyday Activities 53

Chapter 3: Making Sales 55

Chapter 4: Here Comes the Money 79

Chapter 5: There Goes Your Cash! 107

Chapter 6: Purchases and Supplier Payments 135

Chapter 7: Reconcile Yourself 165

Chapter 8: Managing Items 185

Chapter 9: Saving Money on Payday 215

Part III: Moving On 255

Chapter 10: Looking Good with Forms 257

Chapter 11: Reporting for Business 277

Chapter 12: The Gist of GST 293

Chapter 13: Making Electronic Payments 317

Chapter 14: Looking After Your Files 337

Chapter 15: Understanding Your Business 361

Chapter 16: Keeping Your Company File in Top Shape 375

Part IV: The Part of Tens 393

Chapter 17: Ten (Well, Almost) Perilous Pitfalls 395

Chapter 18: Ten Tricks to Speed Up Your Work 401

Chapter 19: Ten Tricks (Eight, Actually) to Starting a New Year 411

Chapter 20: Ten Secrets to Upgrading 419

Appendix: MYOB in the Clouds 431

Index 437