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Mac OS X Lion All-in-One For Dummies

Mac OS X Lion All-in-One For Dummies

Mark L. Chambers

ISBN: 978-1-118-02206-1

Sep 2011

816 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Eight minibooks thoroughly cover the newest Mac operating system—Mac OS X Lion

Macs continue to gain market share, and Mac OS X Lion is expected to draw even more converts as it adds the magic of some of your favorite iPad and iPhone features to the legendary power of the Mac. This easy-to-follow guide to Mac OS X Lion features eight self-contained minibooks covering every phase of navigating, customizing, and expanding Mac OS X Lion; the iLife and iWork applications; maintenance and troubleshooting; Internet activities; and much more.

Mac OS X Lion All-in-One For Dummies is ideal for those switching to a Mac, anyone upgrading from an earlier version of Mac OS X, beginning Mac users, and experienced users looking for a more comprehensive reference.

  • Minibooks include: Introducing Mac OS X, Customizing and Sharing, the Digital Hub, Using iWork, the Typical Internet Stuff, Networking in Mac OS X, Expanding Your System, and Advanced Mac OS X
  • Covers Mac OS X Lion basics, using the Finder and Spotlight, customizing the desktop, setting up multi-user accounts, working with the Address Book and Apple Mail, and using the amazing iTunes, iLife and iWork applications
  • Highlights the new features of Mac OS X Lion showing readers how to find and download apps from the Mac App Store, organize their desktop with Launchpad and Mission Control, take advantage of full-screen apps, and more
  • Features advanced advice on using AppleScript, troubleshooting your system, staying secure, and setting up a network

You'll tame your Lion in no time with this book and a little help from For Dummies.

Introduction 1

Book I: Introducing Mac OS X 7

Chapter 1: Shaking Hands with Mac OS X 9

Chapter 2: Navigating and Running Programs 25

Chapter 3: Basic OS X Housekeeping 53

Chapter 4: Searching Everything with Spotlight 81

Chapter 5: Fun with Photo Booth 91

Chapter 6: Keeping Track with the Address Book 97

Chapter 7: The Joys of Maintenance 109

Chapter 8: Getting Help for the Big X 131

Chapter 9: Troubleshooting the X 139

Chapter 10: Running Windows on Your Mac 149

Book II: Customizing and Sharing 157

Chapter 1: Building the Finder of Your Dreams 159

Chapter 2: Giving Your Desktop the Personal Touch 183

Chapter 3: Delving under the Hood with System Preferences 199

Chapter 4: You Mean Others Can Use My Mac, Too? 241

Chapter 5: Setting Up Multiuser Accounts 249

Chapter 6: Sharing Documents for Fun and Profit 265

Book III: The Digital Hub 275

Chapter 1: The World According to Apple 277

Chapter 2: Jamming with iTunes and iPod 287

Chapter 3: Focusing on iPhoto 315

Chapter 4: Making Magic with iMovie 339

Chapter 5: Burn Those DVDs! Using iDVD 361

Chapter 6: Becoming a Superstar with GarageBand 381

Chapter 7: Crafting a Web Site with iWeb 403

Chapter 8: No, It’s Not Called iQuickTime 415

Chapter 9: Turning Your Mac into a DVD Theater 421

Book IV: Using iWork 431

Chapter 1: Desktop Publishing with Pages 433

Chapter 2: Creating Spreadsheets with Numbers 447

Chapter 3: Building Presentations with Keynote 461

Book V: The Typical Internet Stuff 473

Chapter 1: Getting on the Internet 475

Chapter 2: Using Apple Mail 483

Chapter 3: Staying in Touch with iChat and FaceTime 509

Chapter 4: Expanding Your Horizons with iDisk 527

Chapter 5: Going Places with Safari 533

Chapter 6: Staying Secure Online 549

Book VI: Networking in Mac OS X 559

Chapter 1: Setting Up a Small Network 561

Chapter 2: Using Your Network 577

Chapter 3: Going Wireless 591

Chapter 4: Sharing That Precious Internet Thing 603

Book VII: Expanding Your System 615

Chapter 1: Hardware That Will Make You Giddy 617

Chapter 2: Add RAM, Hard Drive Space, and Stir 629

Chapter 3: Port-o-Rama: Using Thunderbolt, USB, and FireWire 641

Chapter 4: I’m Okay, You're a Printer 647

Chapter 5: Applications That You've (Probably) Gotta Have 655

Book VIII: Advanced Mac OS X 671

Chapter 1: . . . And UNIX Lurks Beneath 673

Chapter 2: AppleScript Just Plain Rocks 695

Chapter 3: Talking and Writing to Your Macintosh 711

Chapter 4: Hosting a Web Site with Mac OS X 725

Index 739

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