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Mac OS X Panther in 10 Simple Steps or Less

Mac OS X Panther in 10 Simple Steps or Less

Steve Burnett, Wendy Willard, Anne Groves, Chad Fahs

ISBN: 978-0-764-54238-1

May 2004

598 pages

Select type: Paperback

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If you are looking to make the most of the amazing features of the new Mac OS X Panther and you need a quick and easy understanding of the technology in order to do so, then this book is for you-whether you're new to Mac OS X Panther or you need a refresher on everything from maximizing Safari(TM) as a search engine to using the command line of the Terminal. Open the book and you'll discover clear, easy-to-follow instructions for more than 250 key Mac OS X Panther tasks, each presented in ten quick steps-or less. Easy-to-navigate pages, lots of screen shots, and to-the-point directions guide you through every common (and not so common) Mac OS X Panther challenge-and help you get more done in less time.
* Each solution is ten steps-or less-to help you get the job done fast
* Self-contained two-page spreads deliver the answers you need-without flipping pages
* A no-fluff approach focuses on helping you achieve the results
* A resource packed with useful and fun ways to get the most out of Mac OS X Panther
About the Authors.


Part 1: Mac OS X Basics.

Task 1: Logging In, Setting Automatic Login, and Logging Off.

Task 2: Acting as Another User.

Task 3: Shutting Down, Restarting, and Putting the Computer to Sleep.

Task 4: Setting the Clock and Date.

Task 5: Setting the Volume.

Task 6: Viewing a Contextual Menu.

Task 7: Browsing the System.

Task 8: Closing, Hiding, and Exposing Windows.

Task 9: Creating Aliases and Utilizing the Sidebar.

Task 10: Ejecting a Removable Disc.

Task 11: Taking and Printing Screen Shots.

Task 12: Installing New Software.

Part 2: Setting Up Your Desktop and Your Account.

Task 13: Changing Your Password and Icon.

Task 14: Setting Keychain Preferences.

Task 15: Setting a Background Image.

Task 16: Setting a Screen Saver.

Task 17: Customizing the Appearance of Windows and Setting Folder Options.

Task 18: Setting the Dock Preferences.

Task 19: Adding Applications, Folders, and Files to the Dock.

Task 20: Setting Applications to Start Automatically on Login.

Part 3: Utilizing Preferences and Customizing.

Task 21: Setting Finder Preferences.

Task 22: Setting the Startup Disk.

Task 23: Setting Display Preferences.

Task 24: Setting CD and DVD Preferences.

Task 25: Setting QuickTime Connection Speed.

Task 26: Setting Up Handwriting Recognition with Inkwell.

Task 27: Adjusting Sleep and Energy Saving Settings.

Task 28: Starting, Stopping, or Restarting the Classic Environment.

Task 29: Setting Mouse and Keyboard Options.

Task 30: Setting Language and Regional Preferences.

Task 31: Setting Speech Preferences.

Task 32: Using the Font Book.

Part 4: Finding and Working with Files.

Task 33: Using the Home Folder and Customized Navigation.

Task 34: Working with a File.

Task 35: Creating and Selecting Files and Folders.

Task 36: Deleting and Undeleting Files and Folders.

Task 37: Opening Files in Preview.

Task 38: Searching for Files.

Task 39: Searching for Aliases.

Task 40: Searching for Folders and Applications.

Task 41: Indexing the Hard Drive.

Task 42: Searching by Visibility and Content.

Task 43: Transferring Files by Physical Means.

Task 44: Transferring Files Using an iPod.

Part 5: Managing Users.

Task 45: Viewing and Setting Your Account Information.

Task 46: Adding a User Account.

Task 47: Changing a User’s Password.

Task 48: Changing a User’s Icon.

Task 49: Setting and Changing a User’s Permissions.

Task 50: Deleting a User’s Account.

Task 51: Setting Automatic Login.

Task 52: Switching Users Quickly.

Task 53: Setting Login Options for Users.

Task 54: Enabling the System Administrator Account.

Part 6: Word Processing with TextEdit.

Task 55: Starting and Stopping TextEdit.

Task 56: Saving a Document in TextEdit.

Task 57: Entering and Editing Text in TextEdit.

Task 58: Opening Documents and Saving Documents to New Locations.

Task 59: Cutting, Copying, and Pasting Text.

Task 60: Setting Font Appearance.

Task 61: Adding Special Characters.

Task 62: Making a Template.

Task 63: Printing Documents.

Task 64: Using Recent Documents and Applications.

Part 7: Networking.

Task 65: Configuring an Ethernet Network Connection.

Task 66: Configuring an AirPort Network Connection.

Task 67: Configuring a Modem Connection.

Task 68: Working with Network Configurations.

Task 69: Working with Proxy Servers.

Task 70: Creating a Wireless Computer-to-Computer Network.

Task 71: Joining an AirPort Network.

Task 72: Joining a Closed AirPort Network.

Task 73: Browsing the Network.

Task 74: Connecting to a Local Server.

Task 75: Sharing an Internet Connection and Using the Firewall.

Task 76: Creating and Using Network Locations.

Task 77: Using Target Disk Mode.

Part 8: Printing and Faxing.

Task 78: Adding a Printer.

Task 79: Configuring Page Setup.

Task 80: Managing Print Jobs.

Task 81: Sharing a Printer.

Task 82: Exploring Print Options.

Task 83: Exploring Further Print Options.

Task 84: Faxing.

Task 85: Printing from Classic.

Part 9: Using .Mac and Sherlock.

Task 86: Creating a .Mac Account.

Task 87: Accessing Your iDisk.

Task 88: Using iSync.

Task 89: Searching the Internet with Sherlock.

Task 90: Finding Pictures with Sherlock.

Task 91: Searching the Stock Market with Sherlock.

Task 92: Searching for Films with Sherlock.

Task 93: Searching the Phone Book with Sherlock.

Task 94: Searching eBay with Sherlock.

Task 95: Searching for Airplane Flights with Sherlock.

Task 96: Using the Dictionary Feature of Sherlock.

Task 97: Translating with Sherlock.

Task 98: Searching AppleCare with Sherlock.

Task 99: Setting Sherlock Preferences.

Part 10: Correspondence with Mail and Address Book.

Task 100: Configuring Mail to Check Your Email Account.

Task 101: Starting Mail and Importing Email.

Task 102: Reading Email.

Task 103: Sending Email.

Task 104: More about Sending Email.

Task 105: Adding a Signature File in Mail.

Task 106: Sorting Mail.

Task 107: Searching Mail.

Task 108: Replying to Mail.

Task 109: Forwarding Mail.

Task 110: Working with Draft Emails.

Task 111: Adding to the Address Book from Mail.

Task 112: Opening and Saving Mail Attachments.

Task 113: Mail Tricks.

Task 114: Editing New Messages.

Task 115: Filtering Your Email to Reduce Junk Mail.

Task 116: Using the Address Book.

Task 117: Removing an Address Book Entry.

Task 118: Adding a Group to the Address Book.

Task 119: Using Mail and the Address Book Together.

Task 120: Customizing Address Book Entries.

Part 11: Surfing the Web with Safari.

Task 121: Starting Safari.

Task 122: Using Bookmarks.

Task 123: Managing Bookmarks.

Task 124: Customizing the Web Browser’s Appearance.

Task 125: Searching the Web.

Task 126: Saving a Web Page.

Task 127: Setting Safari Preferences.

Task 128: Emailing a Web Page.

Task 129: Exploring Safari’s Pop-Up Menus.

Task 130: Using SnapBack and the History Menu.

Task 131: Printing a Web Page.

Task 132: Resetting Safari.

Task 133: Browsing with Tabs.

Part 12: Instant Messaging with iChat.

Task 134: Setting Up iChat with Your .Mac or AIM Screen Name.

Task 135: Setting Your iChat Status.

Task 136: Adding a Buddy.

Task 137: Viewing Information about Buddies.

Task 138: Using Buddy Groups.

Task 139: Starting a Text Chat.

Task 140: Starting an Audio Chat.

Task 141: Starting a Video Chat.

Task 142: Saving a Chat Session.

Task 143: Sending a File.

Task 144: Blocking Annoying People.

Task 145: Setting iChat Message Appearance.

Task 146: Setting iChat Message Actions.

Part 13: Scheduling with iCal.

Task 147: Starting iCal.

Task 148: Adding an Event to a Calendar.

Task 149: Adding a Repeating Event to a Calendar.

Task 150: Adding Reminders and Notes to an Event.

Task 151: Inviting People to an Event.

Task 152: Adding a Calendar.

Task 153: Sharing a Calendar.

Task 154: Working with a Shared Calendar.

Task 155: Subscribing to a Calendar.

Task 156: Adding a To-Do Item.

Task 157: Searching Calendars and To-Do Lists.

Task 158: Printing Calendars and To-Do Lists.

Part 14: Audio with iTunes.

Task 159: Starting iTunes.

Task 160: Playing a CD with iTunes.

Task 161: Using the iTunes Equalizer.

Task 162: Importing Music from a CD.

Task 163: Using the iTunes Visualizer.

Task 164: Viewing and Editing Song Information.

Task 165: Exporting Your Music List.

Task 166: Importing Downloaded or Shared Music.

Task 167: Creating a Playlist.

Task 168: Creating a Smart Playlist.

Task 169: Listening to and Editing a Playlist.

Task 170: Setting iTunes Preferences.

Task 171: Setting More iTunes Preferences.

Task 172: Burning a Music CD.

Task 173: Setting Burn Preferences.

Task 174: Sharing Music with iTunes.

Task 175: Listening to Internet Radio.

Task 176: Searching and Sorting Your iTunes Library.

Task 177: Using the iTunes Music Store.

Task 178: More about Your iTunes Music Store.

Part 15: Managing Still Pictures with iPhoto.

Task 179: Importing Photos from a Digital Camera.

Task 180: Importing Photos from Your Computer or a Disk.

Task 181: Rotating a Photo.

Task 182: Cropping a Photo.

Task 183: Editing Photos in Separate Windows.

Task 184: Editing Photos in Other Programs.

Task 185: Customizing the Way That Photos Are Displayed in iPhoto.

Task 186: Adding Text Details to Photos.

Task 187: Finding Photos in iPhoto.

Task 188: Adjusting the Exposure of a Photo.

Task 189: Retouching a Photo.

Task 190: Removing Red-Eye from a Photo.

Task 191: Converting a Color Photo to Black and White.

Task 192: Creating a New Photo Library.

Task 193: Creating a Photo Album.

Task 194: Using Photos as Desktop Pictures and Screensavers.

Task 195: Emailing Photos.

Task 196: Exporting Photos.

Task 197: Printing a Photo on Your Printer.

Task 198: Ordering Professional Color Prints.

Task 199: Creating a Photo Book.

Task 200: Creating a Slide Show with Your Photos.

Task 201: Creating a Web Page of Photos.

Task 202: Archiving Photos to CD.

Part 16: Video Editing with iMovie.

Task 203: Capturing a Digital Photograph from a Digital Video in iMovie.

Task 204: Importing Existing Content into iMovie.

Task 205: Splitting Video Clips.

Task 206: Adding a Transition or Fade.

Task 207: Trimming and Cropping a Video Clip.

Task 208: Adding Still Photos to a Movie.

Task 209: Adding Motion to a Photo.

Task 210: Adding Audio to a Movie.

Task 211: Adding Narration.

Task 212: Saving a Video to View on Your Computer.

Task 213: Saving a Video to a DVD.

Part 17: Terminal Tricks.

Task 214: Starting Terminal.

Task 215: Setting Terminal Preferences.

Task 216: Customizing Terminal Appearances.

Task 217: Customizing Terminal Settings.

Task 218: Customizing More Terminal Settings.

Task 219: Customizing Color and Window Settings for Terminal.

Task 220: Customizing Terminal Keyboard Shortcuts.

Task 221: Saving Custom Terminal Settings.

Task 222: Changing the Terminal Shell.

Task 223: Connecting to an FTP Server through Terminal.

Task 224: Connecting to an SSH Server through Terminal.

Task 225: Adding Services and Servers.

Task 226: Turning on Sharing Services.

Task 227: Using Terminal to Start an Application.

Part 18: Speech and Accessibility.

Task 228: Having Your System Read Aloud.

Task 229: Changing the System Voice.

Task 230: Starting Speech Recognition.

Task 231: Setting How Your System Listens.

Task 232: Choosing and Viewing Recognizable Commands.

Task 233: Enabling and Editing Spoken User Interface Preferences.

Task 234: Adjusting Mouse Usage.

Task 235: Changing Keyboard Settings.

Task 236: Viewing and Editing Keyboard Shortcuts.

Part 19: Maintenance, Troubleshooting, and Getting Help.

Task 237: Finding Detailed Information about Your System.

Task 238: Using More System Profiler Features.

Task 239: Checking Your Connection Using the Network Utility.

Task 240: Running Software Update.

Task 241: Disabling Unwanted Updates.

Task 242: Downloading Installers through Software Update.

Task 243: Force-Quitting an Application.

Task 244: Force-Quitting an Application from Terminal.

Task 245: Launching the Help Viewer.

Task 246: Getting First Aid.

Task 247: Restoring System Software.

Task 248: Erasing a Disk.

Task 249: Resetting Your Forgotten Password.

Task 250: Resetting the Root Password.

Task 251: Deleting a Problem File.

Task 252: Controlling Access with Keychain.


View all in 10 Simple Steps or Less titles by Wiley.

View all in 10 Simple Steps or Less titles by Wiley.

•       Covers more than 250 tasks to begin working discover the intricacies of Mac OS X Panther

•       Every task requires 10 steps or less, taking just two pages, always on facing pages, to make it easy to read and finish a task while working at the computer

•       Tasks focus on steps and results, with minimal background, history, or theory

•        Provides two color designs to draw attention to steps and clearly differentiates various information blocks on the page