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MacBook All-in-One For Dummies, 2nd Edition



MacBook All-in-One For Dummies, 2nd Edition

Mark L. Chambers

ISBN: 978-1-118-11869-6 December 2011 864 Pages


Get comfortable and confident with your MacBook!

Combining the fun-but-straightforward content of nine minibooks, this new edition of MacBook All-in-One For Dummies delivers helpful coverage of the rich features and essential tools you need to know to use the MacBook to its fullest potential. You'll learn an array of MacBook basics while veteran author Mark Chambers walks you through setting up your MacBook, running programs, finding files with Finder, searching with Spotlight, keeping track with Address Book, enjoying music with iTunes, creating cool multimedia projects with iLife, and more.

This exciting new edition dives right in to help you create a web site with iWeb, get on the Internet, use Apple Mail, stay in touch with iChat, and find your way around the latest Mac OS X. And if you must do some work, do it the Mac way with the iWork productivity applications and this helpful guide.

  • Serves as an up-to-date introduction to the basics of MacBook models, including working with the new OS, OS X Lion
  • Shows you how to upgrade, maintain, and troubleshoot your system
  • Features nine minibooks: Say Hello to Your MacBook, Using Mac OS X, Customizing and Sharing, Going Mobile with iLife, iWork for the Road Warrior, Typical Internet Stuff, Networking in Mac OS X, Expanding Your System, and Advanced Mac OS X
  • Offers a straightforward-but-fun approach to getting familiar with this innovative laptop

MacBook All-in-One For Dummies, 2nd Edition will get you Mac-savvy in no time!

Introduction 1

Book I: Say Hello to Your MacBook 7

Chapter 1: Exploring MacBook Basics 9

Chapter 2: MacBook Models Compared 21

Chapter 3: Setting Up and Taking Care of Your MacBook 29

Chapter 4: Extra Stuff You'll Likely Want 39

Book II: Using Mac OS X with Your MacBook 45

Chapter 1: Shaking Hands with Mac OS X 47

Chapter 2: Navigating and Running Programs 63

Chapter 3: Basic OS X Housekeeping 93

Chapter 4: Searching Everything with Spotlight 123

Chapter 5: Fun with Photo Booth 133

Chapter 6: Keeping Track with the Address Book 139

Chapter 7: The Joys of Maintenance 151

Chapter 8: Getting Help for the Big X 173

Chapter 9: Troubleshooting the X 181

Chapter 10: Running Windows on Your Mac 191

Book III: MacBook Customizing and Sharing 199

Chapter 1: Building the Finder of Your Dreams 201

Chapter 2: Giving Your Desktop the Personal Touch 225

Chapter 3: Delving under the Hood with System Preferences 241

Chapter 4: You Mean Others Can Use My MacBook, Too? 283

Chapter 5: Setting Up Multiuser Accounts 291

Chapter 6: Sharing Documents for Fun and Profit 305

Chapter 7: Common-Sense Laptop Security 315

Book IV: Going Mobile with iLife 321

Chapter 1: The World According to Apple 323

Chapter 2: Jamming with iTunes and iPod 333

Chapter 3: Focusing on iPhoto 363

Chapter 4: Making Magic with iMovie 389

Chapter 5: Burn Those DVDs! Using iDVD 411

Chapter 6: Becoming a Superstar with GarageBand 431

Chapter 7: Crafting a Website with iWeb 453

Chapter 8: No, It's Not Called iQuickTime 467

Chapter 9: Turning Your MacBook into a DVD Theater 473

Book V: iWork for the Road Warrior 483

Chapter 1: Desktop Publishing with Pages 485

Chapter 2: Creating Spreadsheets with Numbers 501

Chapter 3: Building Presentations with Keynote 515

Book VI: The Typical Internet Stuff 527

Chapter 1: Getting on the Internet 529

Chapter 2: Using Apple Mail 537

Chapter 3: Staying in Touch with iChat and FaceTime 563

Chapter 4: Expanding Your Horizons with iCloud and iDisk 579

Chapter 5: Surfing with Safari 587

Chapter 6: Staying Secure Online 605

Book VII: Networking in Mac OS X 615

Chapter 1: Setting Up a Small Network 617

Chapter 2: Using Your Network 633

Chapter 3: Going Wireless 649

Chapter 4: Sharing That Precious Internet Thing 661

Book VIII: Expanding Your System 673

Chapter 1: Hardware That Will Make You Giddy 675

Chapter 2: Add RAM, Hard Drive Space, and Stir 687

Chapter 3: Port-o-Rama: Using USB, FireWire, and Thunderbolt 699

Chapter 4: I'm Okay, You're a Printer 707

Chapter 5: Applications That You’ve (Probably) Gotta Have 715

Chapter 6: Putting Bluetooth to Work 731

Book IX: Advanced Mac OS X 739

Chapter 1: Using UNIX on Your MacBook 741

Chapter 2: AppleScript Just Plain Rocks 765

Chapter 3: Writing and Conversing with Your MacBook 781

Index 797