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MacBook Pro Portable Genius, 5th Edition

MacBook Pro Portable Genius, 5th Edition

Galen Gruman

ISBN: 978-1-118-67776-6

Nov 2013

416 pages

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Learn the skills, tools and shortcuts you need in order to make the most of your MacBook Pro

This easy-to-use, compact guide skips the fluff and gets right to the essentials so that you can maximize all the latest features of the MacBook Pro. Packed with savvy insights and tips on key tools and shortcuts, this handy book aims to help you increase your productivity and save you time and hassle. From desktop sharing and wireless networking to running Windows applications and more, this book shows you what you want to know.

  • Includes the latest version of OS X, iCloud, FaceTime, and more
  • Covers all the essential tools, topics, and shortcuts on things like running Windows applications, using the Intel Ivy Bridge processor, and more
  • Features Genius icons throughout the book that provide smart and innovative ways to handle tasks and save yourself time

MacBook Pro Portable Genius, 5th Edition puts you well on the way to being a pro at using your MacBook Pro!

Acknowledgments xi

Introduction xxi

Chapter 1
How Can I Use My Desktop Space Efficiently? 2

Chapter 2
How Do I Manage User Accounts? 48

Chapter 3
What Are My Internet Connection Options? 78

Chapter 4
How Do I Share Files, Printers, Videos, and More? 102

Chapter 5
How Can I Control My MacBook Pro and Maintain Battery Power? 140

Chapter 6
How Do I Take Advantage of iCloud? 172

Chapter 7
How Do I Manage Contacts and E-mail? 192

Chapter 8
How Do I Communicate in Real Time? 228

Chapter 9
How Can I Manage My Calendars? 244

Chapter 10
How Can I Make Better Use of the MacBook Pro’s Audio Features? 266

Chapter 11
How Do I Add and Manage Storage Space? 284

Chapter 12
How Can I Run Windows Applications? 302

Chapter 13
How Can I Protect My MacBook Pro’s Data? 314

Chapter 14
How Do I Solve MacBook Pro Problems? 348

Index 376