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Machinability of Advanced Materials

J. Paulo Davim

ISBN: 978-1-118-57679-3 February 2014 Wiley-ISTE 256 Pages


Machinability of Advanced Materials addresses the level of difficulty involved in machining a material, or multiple materials, with the appropriate tooling and cutting parameters.  A variety of factors determine a material’s machinability, including tool life rate, cutting forces and power consumption, surface integrity, limiting rate of metal removal, and chip shape. These topics, among others, and multiple examples comprise this research resource for engineering students, academics, and practitioners.

Preface ix

Chapter 1. Machinability: Existing and Advanced Concepts 1
Viktor P. Astakhov

Chapter 2. Milling Burr Formation and Avoidance 57
Seyed A. Niknam, Walery Wygowski, Marek Balazinksi and Victor Songmene

Chapter 3. Machinability of Titanium and Its Alloys 95
Ali Hosseini, Hossam A. Kishawy and Hussein M. Hussein

Chapter 4. Effects of Alloying Elements on the Machinability of Near-Eutectic Al-Si Casting Alloys 119
Yasser Zedan, Saleh A. Alkahtani and Fawzy H. Samuel

5. The Machinability of Hard Materials – A Review 145
Paulo Campos, J. Paulo Davim, J. Roberto Ferreira, A. Paulo Paiva and P. Paulo Balestrassi

Chapter 6. An Investigation of Ductile Regime Machining of Silicon Nitride Ceramics 175
Vijayan Krishnaraj and S. Senthil Kumar

List of Authors 229

Index 233