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Macroeconomics as a Second Language

Macroeconomics as a Second Language

Martha L. Olney

ISBN: 978-0-470-47150-0

Feb 2011

352 pages



Macroeconomics as a Second Language, a new volume in Wiley's bestselling As a Second Language series, is a study and review guide for students taking principles of macroeconomics courses or for any student who needs a review of fundamental concepts.  A professor of the course for more than a decade, Olney combines her insights and experience in the classroom into this concise and accessible text.

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Chapter 1:  Economics Tools – Math and Graphing
Chapter 2:  Production Possibilities Frontier, Economic Growth, and Gains from Trade
Chapter 3:  Demand and Supply
Chapter 4:  Measuring the Macroeconomy
Chapter 5:  Long-Run Economic Growth
Chapter 6:  Keynesian Cross
Chapter 7:  Aggregate Demand
Chapter 8:  The Spending Multiplier
Chapter 9:  Macroeconomic Policy: The Overview
Chapter 10: Fiscal Policy
Chapter 11: Money Creation
Chapter 12: The Money Market
Chapter 13:  Monetary Policy and Interest Rates
Chapter 14:  Inflation and Output:  The AS/AD Approach
Chapter 15:  Input and Output: The Monetary Policy Approach
Chapter 16:  Open Economy Macroeconomics
Answers to all “TRY” Questions
  • Opening chapter key concepts: A list of key terms and concepts, graphs, and equations covered in the chapter to keep the student on track.
  • “TIP” Notes: Tricks in each chapter for remembering key concepts or common errors to avoid.
  • “TRY” Questions: These questions give students the chance to test what they’ve learned throughout the book. Answers to all the “TRY” questions can be found in the back of the book.
  • Emphasis on Fundamentals: It ‘cuts right to the chase’ by focusing in on the concepts, assumptions, and models essential to the student’s overall understanding of macroeconomics.