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Macromedia Flash MX 2004 Bible

Macromedia Flash MX 2004 Bible

Robert Reinhardt, Snow Dowd

ISBN: 978-0-764-54303-6

Feb 2004

1312 pages

Select type: Paperback

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* The bestselling guide to Macromedia Flash, the leading tool for creating animation and building interactive, multimedia Web sites, now fully updated and revised to cover the new release
* Covers everything readers need to know to master the newest version, including workarounds for hidden bugs and unpublished tricks and techniques not likely to appear in other books
* Packed with expert tutorials from the world's leading Flash gurus, with more coverage on using Flash with other applications than any other book
* Coauthor Robert Reinhardt is one of a handful of top stars in the Flash developer community and a regular speaker at FlashForward, the Macromedia User's Conference, WebTEK, Macromedia's traveling user seminars, and major universities



Part I: An Introduction to Flash Web Production.

Chapter 1: Understanding the Flash MX 2004 Framework.

Chapter 2: Exploring Web Technologies.

Chapter 3: Planning Flash Projects.

Part II: Mastering the Flash Environment.

Chapter 4: Interface Fundamentals.

Chapter 5: Drawing in Flash.

Chapter 6: Symbols, Instances, and the Library.

Chapter 7: Applying Color.

Chapter 8: Working with Text.

Chapter 9: Modifying Graphics.

Part III: Creating Animation and Effects.

Chapter 10: Animation Strategies.

Chapter 11: Timeline Animation and Effects.

Chapter 12: Applying Layer Types.

Chapter 13: Character Animation Techniques.

Chapter 14: Exporting Animation.

Part IV: Integrating Media Files with Flash.

Chapter 15: Adding Sound.

Chapter 16: Importing Artwork.

Chapter 17: Embedding Video.

Part V: Adding Basic Interactivity to Flash Movies.

Chapter 18: Understanding Actions and Event Handlers.

Chapter 19: Building Timelines and Interactions.

Chapter 20: Making Your First Flash MX 2004 Project.

Part VI: Distributing Flash Movies.

Chapter 21: Publishing Flash Movies.

Chapter 22: Integrating Flash Content with Web Pages.

Chapter 23: Using the Flash Player and Projector.

Part VII: Approaching ActionScript.

Chapter 24: Knowing the Nuts and Bolts of Code.

Chapter 25: Controlling Movie Clips.

Chapter 26: Using Functions and Arrays.

Chapter 27: Interacting with Movie Clips.

Chapter 28: Sharing and Loading Assets.

Chapter 29: Using Components.

Chapter 30: Sending Data In and Out of Flash.

Chapter 31: Applying HTML and Text Field Formatting.

Chapter 32: Creating a Portfolio Site in Flash.

Chapter 33: Creating a Game in Flash.

Chapter 34: Managing and Troubleshooting Flash Movies.

Part VIII: Expanding Flash.

Chapter 35: Working with Raster Graphics.

Chapter 36: Working with Vector Graphics.

Chapter 37: Working with Dreamweaver MX 2004.

Chapter 38: Working with Director MX.

Part IX: Appendixes.

Appendix A: Keyboard Shortcuts.

Appendix B: Digital Audio Basics.

Appendix C: Digital Video Basics.

Appendix D: Using the CD-ROM.

Appendix E: Guest Experts Information.


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