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Macs All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies

Macs All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies

Wallace Wang

ISBN: 978-1-118-05178-8

Mar 2011

816 pages

Select type: E-Book


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Welcome to the wonderful world of the Mac! Whether you’ve just decided to switch from Windows or you’ve been using a Mac for awhile and want to take advantage of all its bells and whistles, Macs All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies is the perfect guidebook to Mac land.

You probably already know that Macs were made for media. There’s iPhoto for organizing, editing, and sharing your digital photos; iMovie to let you become a moviemaker; iDVD for preserving that movie and playing your favorites; and of course, iTunes for managing your music. But your Mac is just as happy creating documents, browsing the Internet, putting together cool presentations, or even crunching numbers. This guide shows you how to use all those applications and more. Seven minibooks cover Mac basics; working with photos, movies, and music; using the Internet; working with iLife and iWork applications; various other Mac programs; time-saving tips; and networking. You’ll discover how to

  • Set up and customize a new Mac
  • Get online, choose a browser, configure an e-mail account, and instant-message with iChat
  • Handle Mac security and troubleshoot problems
  • Create a Web site with iWeb and get it online
  • Back up your files, sync your stuff, and manage your life with your Mac
  • Network your Mac with other computers, even PCs, and share files, printers, and more

Even if you’re a seasoned Mac veteran, we bet you’ll find some things here you didn’t know! And you’ll refer to this book again and again.


Book I: Mac Basics.

Chapter 1: Getting to Know Your Mac.

Chapter 2: Starting Up, Sleeping, and Shutting Down.

Chapter 3: Getting Acquainted with the Mac User Interface.

Chapter 4: Running Programs.

Chapter 5: Installing and Uninstalling Software.

Chapter 6: Managing Files and Folders.

Chapter 7: Customizing Your Mac.

Chapter 8: Accessibility Features of the Macintosh.

Chapter 9: Maintenance and Troubleshooting.

Book II: Photos, Music, and Movies.

Chapter 1: Playing with Audio.

Chapter 2: Playing with Pictures.

Chapter 3: Watching Videos on a Mac.

Chapter 4: Using Front Row for Movies, Music, and Photos.

Book III: Browsing the Internet.

Chapter 1: Browsing the Internet.

Chapter 2: Sending and Receiving E-Mail.

Chapter 3: Chatting in Real Time.

Chapter 4: Security for Your Mac.

Chapter 5: Setting Up Your Own Web Site.

Book IV: Working with iLife and iWork.

Chapter 1: Storing Memories with iPhoto.

Chapter 2: Using iMovie.

Chapter 3: Using iDVD.

Chapter 4: Creating Web Sites with iWeb.

Chapter 5: Using GarageBand.

Chapter 6: Writing and Publishing with Pages.

Chapter 7: Making Presentations with Keynote.

Chapter 8: Doing Calculations with Numbers.

Book V: Other Mac Programs.

Chapter 1: Word Processing on the Mac.

Chapter 2: Office Suites on the Mac.

Chapter 3: Painting and Drawing on a Mac.

Chapter 4: Running Windows on a Mac.

Chapter 5: Having Fun with a Mac.

Book VI: Time-Saving Tips with a Mac.

Chapter 1: Protecting Your Data.

Chapter 2: Managing Your Time with iCal.

Chapter 3: Storing Contact Information in the Address Book.

Chapter 4: Using Dashboard.

Chapter 5: Automating Your Mac.

Book VII: Mac Networking.

Chapter 1: Networking Your Macs.

Chapter 2: Sharing Files and Resources on a Network.

Chapter 3: Bluetooth Wireless Networking.