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Macworld Microsoft Office 2001 Bible

Macworld Microsoft Office 2001 Bible

Bob LeVitus, Dennis R. Cohen

ISBN: 978-0-764-53462-1

Jan 2001

879 pages

Select type: Paperback

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A comprehensive reference covering the major components of Office: Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint, FrontPage, and Publisher. This edition also includes parts on integrating and automating Office tasks and using the latest Office tools such as Internet connectivity options and voice recognition.Covers the newest features in Microsoft Office XP.


PART I: Introducing Microsoft Office 2001.

Chapter 1: Getting to Know Microsoft Office.

PART II: Word.

Chapter 2: Creating and Working with Documents.

Chapter 3: Formatting Documents.

Chapter 4: Previewing and Printing Your Documents.

Chapter 5: Working with Tables and Outlines.

Chapter 6: Working with Fields.

Chapter 7: Building Tables of Contents and Indexes.

Chapter 8: Working with Styles and Templates.

Chapter 9: Working with Word Macros.

Chapter 10: Desktop Publishing with Word.

Chapter 11: Word and the Web.

Chapter 12: Word and Visual Basic for Applications.

Chapter 13: Word at Work.

Chapter 14: The Word Top Ten.

PART III: Excel.

Chapter 15: Making the Most of Workbooks.

Chapter 16: Getting Information into Excel.

Chapter 17: Excel Formatting.

Chapter 18: Adding Graphics to Worksheets.

Chapter 19: Working with Excel Charts.

Chapter 20: Printing and Page Setup.

Chapter 21: Working with Excel Database Lists.

Chapter 22: Using Excel PivotTables.

Chapter 23: Working with Excel Macros.

Chapter 24: Excel and the Web.

Chapter 25: Excel and Visual Basic for Applications.

Chapter 26: Excel at Work.

Chapter 27: The Excel Top Ten.

PART IV: PowerPoint.

Chapter 28: Working with PowerPoint.

Chapter 29: Enhancing a Presentation.

Chapter 30: Working with Charts in PowerPoint.

Chapter 31: Producing Your Work.

Chapter 32: Working with PowerPoint Macros.

Chapter 33: PowerPoint and the Web.

Chapter 34: PowerPoint at Work.

Chapter 35: The PowerPoint Top Ten.

PART V: The Internet Office.

Chapter 36: Using Entourage.

Chapter 37: Overview of Internet Explorer.

Appendix A: Installing Microsoft Office 2001.

Appendix B: Word Quick Start.

Appendix C: Excel Quick Start.

Appendix D: PowerPoint Quick Start.

Appendix E: Entourage Quick Start.

Appendix F: Customizing Toolbars and Menus.

Index. from page 421

Bonus Content

Bonus Content

This workbook contains the files used in Chapter 19 of the Office 2001 Bible.

"Houses" Excel Workbook from page 421