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Made in Canada Leadership: Wisdom from the Nation's Best and Brightest on the Art and Practice of Leadership

Made in Canada Leadership: Wisdom from the Nation's Best and Brightest on the Art and Practice of Leadership

Amal Henein, Francoise Morissette

ISBN: 978-0-470-73954-9

Dec 2009, Jossey-Bass

288 pages


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Praise for Made in Canada Leadership

"As an energy delivery company that takes great pride in our commitment to sustainable development, Enbridge recognizes that the leading, sustainable corporations of tomorrow must create an internal culture where leadership is fostered and nurtured at all levels. Made in Canada Leadership provides the roadmap for corporations seeking to secure their long-term future as industry leaders through the development and empowerment of any great company's strength—its people."
Patrick D. Daniel, President & CEO, Enbridge Inc.

"Made in Canada Leadership makes a compelling case for a strategic and concerted approach to individual and collective leadership development to build our country’s leadership. If we want the right supply of leaders, we need to develop leadership in all sectors and at all levels. It is a long-term commitment and a collaborative endeavour. I am personally committed to rise to the challenge and engage in the leadership development movement and I hope others will join us in this quest for leadership."
Denise Amyot, Vice-President, Leadership Network, Public Service Human Resources Management Agency of Canada

"Developing elite athletes who can win at the international level demands more than time, effort, resources, money and raw talent. It requires support systems that are effective and strategic and the mentoring of coaches who understand how to maximize not only the athletes’ physical potential but also their mental preparation. A similar case can be made for leader development. Made in Canada Leadership looks at what is needed to transform our leadership development efforts from amateur to major league. A must read!"
Chris Rudge, CEO and Secretary General, Canadian Olympic Committee

"In our global world, human assets increasingly constitute the competitive advantage; and to succeed, quality leadership is required. However, leadership development is not a casual undertaking, but a long term investment and a shared responsibility. Nurturing future leaders offers significant ROI for all concerned: high returns for the organization and fulfilled leaders. Made in Canada Leadership provides an essential guide to the secrets of growing leaders from a strategic and Canadian perspective."
Paul Juniper, Director, Industrial Relations Centre, Queen’s University

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Foreword by Mr. Alban D'Amours, President and CEO, Desjardins Group ix

Acknowledgements xi

Introduction 1


Section A: What Is the Process? 8

Chapter 1 Leadership Essentials (4Ps): What is leadership? 9

Chapter 2 The Leadership Ride: How does leadership feel to the leader? 23

Chapter 3 The Leadership Garden: Evolutionary steps towards leadership maturity 41

Chapter 4 The 'Force' and the 'Blueprint': Internal access routes to leadership 57

Section B: How Can We Optimize the Process? 76

Chapter 5 Individual Leadership Strategy: What individuals can do to facilitate their development 77

Chapter 6 The Master and the Apprentice: The best framework for leadership development 95

Chapter 7 Program Architecture: Optimal infrastructure for leadership development programs 109

Chapter 8 Program Enhancement: Program evolution and continuous improvement 129


Chapter 9 Organizational Leadership Strategies: What organizations can do to enhance leadership capacity 145

Chapter 10 Co-op Fundamentals: Orientation to the co-op sector 161

Chapter 11 Best Practices from the Co-op Sector: Innovative solutions for all sectors 175

Chapter 12 National Leadership Strategy: What Canada can do to enhance its leadership capacity 195


Chapter 13 Our National Leadership Brand: How we lead 217

Chapter 14 Th e Scholar and the Warrior: How we can improve our leadership impact and eff ectiveness 241

Chapter 15 Public Leadership Issues: How we can enhance leadership capacity in this important sector 259

Chapter 16 Conclusion 287


Appendix I Research Process and Statistical Information 303

Appendix II Leaders Interviewed 313

Appendix III Leadership Programs 333

Bibliography 347

Index 349