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Magnetic Recording: The First 100 Years

Magnetic Recording: The First 100 Years

Eric D. Daniel (Editor), C. Denis Mee (Editor), Mark H. Clark (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-780-34709-0

Aug 1998, Wiley-IEEE Press

370 pages

Select type: Paperback

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""The first magnetic recording device was demonstrated and patented by the Danish inventor Valdemar Poulsen in 1898. Poulsen made a magnetic recording of his voice on a length of piano wire. MAGNETIC RECORDING traces the development of the watershed products and the technical breakthroughs in magnetic recording that took place during the century from Paulsen's experiment to today's ubiquitous audio, video, and data recording technologies including tape recorders, video cassette recorders, and computer hard drives.

An international author team brings a unique perspective, drawn from professional experience, to the history of magnetic recording applications. Their key insights shed light on how magnetic recording triumphed over all competing technologies and revolutionized the music, radio, television and computer industries. They also show how these developments offer opportunities for applications in the future.

MAGNETIC RECORDING features 116 illustrations, including 92 photographs of historic magnetic recording machines and their inventors.""

Sponsored by:
IEEE Magnetics Society

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Introduction (C. Mee & E. Daniel).


The Magnetic Recording of Sound (M. Clark).

The Telegraphone (M. Clark & H. Nielsen).

Steel Tape and Wire Recorders (M. Clark).

The Introduction of the Magnetophon (F. Engel).

Building on the Magnetophon (B. Gooch).

Product Diversification (M. Clark).

The History of Digital Audio (J. Watkinson).


The Challenge of Recording Video (F. Remley).

Early Fixed-Head Video Recorders (F. Jorgensen).

The Ampex Quadruplex Recorders (J. Mallinson).

Helical-Scan Recorders for Broadcasting (H. Sugaya).

Consumer Video Recorders (H. Sugaya).

Digital Video Recording (K. Sadashige).


Capturing Data Magnetically (J. Monson).

Data Storage on Drums (S. Rubens).

Data Storage on Tape (W. Phillips).

Data Storage on Hard Magnetic Disks (L. Stevens).

Data Storage on Floppy Disks (D. Noble).

Instrumentation Recording on Magnetic Tape (F. Jorgensen).


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