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Magnetic Structure Determination: Fundamentals and Applications

Magnetic Structure Determination: Fundamentals and Applications

Javier Campo

ISBN: 978-1-119-32294-8

Jun 2021

280 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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This book presents the theoretical concepts needed to understand how to determine and classify a magnetic structure.  It is written for a non-expert audience, providing an accessible introduction to the topic in a concise manner, with all the essential concepts that beginners need to know. These concepts are illustrated with several examples providing a practical, hands-on approach to the subject.
The following topics are covered:
• Symmetry in physics and group theory concepts
• Point and space groups
• Scattering theory concepts: nuclear case (neutrons and X-ray)
• Elastic coherent scattering; single crystal and powders
• Magnetism concepts; description of magnetic structures (Fourier coefficients etc…)
• Irreducible representations of a group
• Landau theory of phase transitions
• Neutron Magnetic Scattering
• Solving and Classifying a magnetic structure
• Magnetic space groups and magnetic super-space groups.
• Typical experiments and software

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